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  1. Closed - reel purchased
  2. @kenzy thank you for reply and nice reel. giving it until tomorrow to see if anything else drops in and will decide.
  3. ISO/WTB Shimano Stella 20k PG
  4. Hey man, will take the pencil popper lot with surface cruiser please
  5. Abab, I am sorry for slow response, I am interested and can also do local pick up. Let me know, thank you - Andrew
  6. Looking for a fighting harness and plate. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  7. Used Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 8000H Willing to provide additional photos. Did the best I could to show all imperfections. Comes with original box. Spooled with 65lb braid. Asking $650. Firm on price but open to reasonable offers. Willing to ship. To Admin: Removed from Marketplace
  8. Edited. Listed elsewhere.. Please read the rules pinned at at top of the forum. Thanks.
  9. I saw 2 gold VS300’s on Facebook market place. Low serial great condition. If I find the link I will drop it here.
  10. WTB Everol, Penn International, Avet, Shimano Tiagra 50-130W. If you are selling as a combo with a rod am open to that as well. This will close when I find something whether it’s here or elsewhere. Thank you
  11. Paul - Yes, at the end of August specifically the 19th I was provided photos of the reel in the 1st photo. I was told the reel was ready but had blue bail and cap; which is not what I ordered. And for anyone who will sit here and say NBD, I guess it’s me being unreasonable for not accepting for $1124 a reel in colors that I did not order. After being told next week we can convert it to all black bail less and tomorrow would have a lead time for the bail, followed by another month of silence is wrong. My order was dated for the beginning of last December and executed it with my first payment later that month. I reached out to ZB as I had previously stated for months with no answer by phone and email. I started reaching out probably after 4-5 months for updates. The communication is what turned me to an unhappy customer. Hearing that others were having no issue speaking direct or getting correspondence back from ZB really bothered me. If anyone here thinks I am an a-hole for any of this so be it, I work in a service industry and never has one of my customers been satisfied if I have not kept them up to date on scheduling, pricing, etc. I am also not the only one who has gone through this or is currently going through it. As for an update - I have resolved the issue with Ron.
  12. @Lou T Apologies that I was not clear. Was stating what I have read in the forums regarding typical build time. Also, by what I was told by a ZB employee before deciding to purchase the reel. The question I had for you was if you, as a first time customer you would be complimentary of the service if after spending $1200+ for a reel; not receiving the reel in the lead time provided by ZB employee; inquiring through every avenue available to you on several occasions, and getting absolutely no response for several months? I assumed some delays due to COVID, we have had issues getting parts/materials in our industry. I truly believe that the solely most important part of running a business in the service industry is solid relations/communication with your customers. Without them there is no business.
  13. Lou, Respectfully - if you paid $1200+ (which you did) and did NOT receive any information or updates to a process which is historically and noted amongst forums to take 3-6 months and for 6 months minimum, no one got in touch with you or responded to calls, voicemails, emails….would you be a happy customer? Thanks for reading -Andrew
  14. considering not even that has prompted a response, is absolutely mind bending. Talk about not giving a **** and putting it on full display..