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  1. I’ll definitely have a look, thank you K
  2. So I own a few Stella’s 2- 20k and 1-30k, love and trust them. Wouldn’t trade them for any other reel. Now, I have not fished with one, but I have got my hands on the TP’s a few times. They are unbelievably smooth and have nearly identical drag ratings to the Stella. Obviously not made in all the sizes as the Stella is. Can anyone actually tell me in detail what the actual differences between the two are, other than color, the name, and the sizes they come in? For 1/2 the price, if you’re in the market for a reel in the sizes offered for the TP and the Stella, why choose a Stella other than the name? Again, Stella owner here. Have also owned Saltiga’s.
  3. Going to hang tight on that, if I can’t trade or sell I don’t mind keeping it. I have too many setups anyway. Thank you - Andrew
  4. Can clearly read straight sale. If you have any interest, I have a BNIB ‘20 saltiga 20k. Would trade + cash. Might end up working in your favor to take my money/reel and sell the other also. Let me know man, just tossing it out there.
  5. I am considering trades but not looking to go smaller. Looking for equal size. Not sure if you were putting up the 10k.
  6. Yeah man, these are better suited for canal guys or offshore. Not what I’ll be using it for, hopefully someone who will put this thing to work will reach out. Otherwise I’ll beat the brakes off of it
  7. Have a BNIB ‘20 Saltiga 20000-H I am looking to either trade or sell. This reel is not the best fit for what I will be using it for. I don’t have to get rid of this reel and may still keep it, I just prefer something with a lower retrieval speed. Sell - $900 + ship (to be calculated) Trade - Looking for Stella 20k *** If new Stella, I am willing to add cash as there is a clear price difference from one to the other *** Will absolutely consider a used Stella and will discuss trade details with anyone interested I have not even cracked the box yet, if I get any serious inquiries, I’ll open box for additional photos. - Andrew
  8. Thanks everyone for providing some confidence. Been holding off for a few months due to this. Time to get this girl moving so I’m not scrambling before my next trip. Merry Christmas All!!
  9. I have a Stella that I need out to service the drag. I have a few of these and it’s the first time I felt the need to send one to Shimano. Certainly thought better than to send during holiday. I can insure the package TO Shimano, I have concerns getting my reel back. Anyone have any issues with the Shimano Service?? I’m in NY and believe there are 2 service centers. Is one better than the other? TIA - Andrew
  10. Hey man, I’m leaving this open. I just bought a ton of plugs the last two weeks. If these are still around next week I’ll get back on and tag you in the post.
  11. @MorningWood offer $90 shipped for ET and all black, if you were able to confirm if the blue is a deep diver I may be interested in that one as well.
  12. If this doesn’t go through, please tag me. I will take them for this.
  13. Going through to check if I have - will respond tonight @JM13
  14. What you thinking for the ET and the all black? Is the blue a deep diver?
  15. Hey MW - long time! Thanks for response. What’s it going to take to get my hands on these bottles?
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