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  1. Looking for a small kayak - Frenzy Ocean Kayak or similar. Pick up on Long Island preferred. I am not looking for anything fancy. I just saw 2 of them sell for $150 but was at work and couldn’t do the pick up.
  2. Will be used for drum, some sharking - no drone/yak. Looking for ability to be able to throw some small live bait and 8-10. My buddy has a 13’ daiwa tournament 6-15/16? Throws substantially further and with less effort. He’s also looking into this rod with hopes it has a bit more power as well. Btw - the specs are slightly vague. The blank is spinning? Conventional? Either?
  3. My buddy and I fish our stellas and saltigas when targeting bull drum and small/midsize sharks from shore. I have also been forced to use my saltiga in the surf while waiting to get my other reels serviced and can honestly say besides the fact that I hated this because it’s rough on the reels cosmetically, they are as good as any and have have no issues with the reel getting splashed or accidentally dunked (obviously try to avoid the best I can).
  4. Anyone have any experience with the RodGeeks blank srf130xhmf2? 13’ rated 8-20. If so, would like to hear about it. There are little to no rods/blanks with these ratings without going to a full blown conventional setup with a shark rod and a 30-50 reel which requires a yak or drone to drop baits.
  5. Final bump
  6. A simple response would go a long way, whether I liked what the answer was or not.
  7. Can’t believe no one took this yet. It’s a nice chunk of change but a steal for whoever decides to take it.
  8. I am on Long Island. Where in queens are you located? I think if there was any way to verify it’s the heavy version of this rod I would be in to buy it pending inspection
  9. Damn, I’d love to be sure it was the heaviest version, I plan on hurling 10Oz sometimes with full live bluefish to give you an idea.
  10. I looked it up, believe there are 3 different versions of the 13’ 6”. There’s no model # on the stick?
  11. I looked it up, believe there are 3 different versions of the 13’ 6”
  12. This one I’m going to sleep on, what is the actual ratings?
  13. Looking for something longer, thank you!
  14. Looking for a XH surf spinning rod. Similar in spec to the 12’ Mojo surf rated for 6-16. Not married to any particular rod. I am interested in 12-13’ rods with a minimum max load rating of 12oz. Let me know what you have. I am on Long Island.If something is out there hope for pick up anywhere on the island. Thanks for looking.
  15. Sick deal, mine cost $800+ to build