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  1. 1985 17' Boston Whaler with 2002 90 HP Mercury with EZ Loader Trailer for sale. I am the third owner and have owned this boat since 1989. Boat has been garaged and has no bottom paint. Excellent condition, a real classic. DF, GPS, VHF, etc., too many extras to list.  Located in the Pt. Jefferson, Long Island area. $8,500.00. 






  2. 7 mins ago, Ellar said:

    Is there a list of everything President Trump has at least a small personal financial interest in?  And a list of everybody he golfs with and what they own?  There must.  The drive to void that election runs so strong with the Democrats.  Let's post the lists.  It'll be fun to come up with "follow the money" theories for every move he makes as President.  Why limit the pseudo I-know-somethingism to this virus?

    All he has to do is release his taxes. That would offer a response to many questions and concerns. Wonder why he won’t release them?

  3. Used to fish Oldfeild lighthouse. There was a small group of us, 6-8 guys. Never an issue, fished mainly from sunset into the night. Its a well to do area. Homeowners there had "service people" to preform various task, landscaping, pool maintenance ect.


    The service people soon figured out heres a place for us to fish. Well it was the begining of the end. Garbage left on the beach, on the jetties, pooping on the jetties, urinating out in the open, keeping everything that they caught, drunkness, music blasting at night.  Plus being disrespectful to the homeowners.


    Long story short, the village of Oldfeild closed off all access to non residents of the village.


    So needless to say I don't have any compassion for people that are pigs, and don't adhere to simple society and DEC rules.


    There were a few public meetings on Oldfield access. The residents, some paying $40K in taxes, according to them, made some VERY valid points! I had 2 homeowners come up to me and in their words" its not you guys in the rubber boots that are the problem"

    I fished here too starting about 40 years ago and yes I'm well aware of "the problem" that existed, however.....why is it that these "residents" can accept federal funds to shore-up the bluff and then restrict access from the rest of us taxpayers? Sorry I have no sympathy for those who want it both ways. Funny they object to the bucket brigade on "their" beaches but have no problem with those same people cutting their lawns and cleaning their pools for $3.00 an hour! Please excuse the rant, this one is a personal sore spot. Unfortunately I feel their is another segment of society ($$$$) that has done far more through their actions to restrict public access than the "illegals"