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  1. Big Dave & TossinPlugs, thank you very much for your offers, I was really hoping to avoid shipping on these. Let me check tomorrow on how much it would cost to ship to Brick, NJ and Walpole, MA. if it's reasonable and no one else offers local cash I think we'll have a deal. Thanks again.
  2. I'm really trying to sell these off as a pair, thanks for the interest.
  3. Looks like a gibbs Polaris Popper.
  4. ^^^^^^^^right On Tom!!!^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. Steve, would you take $30.00 cash? I'll have the cash today when we meet if agreeable. Thanks.
  6. I'd like to offer $60.00 cash with local L.I. pick-up.
  7. I'll take a bunker and a spring scale. Thanks.
  8. No problem, again I did not want to step on your thread, take care.
  9. I don't want to step on your thread agsurfr but if you pass on these pikies I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase from FishNH. Again, apologies if this is intrusive, it's just that I have been looking to replace a few of these jigman pikies I lost to someone with sticky fingers last season. Thank you.
  10. #5 and #6 please, thanks! ( I think one of these was already gone by my post #7 please in it's place? Thanks!)
  11. If these are all new I'll take the top Blurple and the bottom Yellow thanks.
  12. Don't leave home without one. Lordship juniors are killer!
  13. Nice post. It's true, up there it's okay for some people to 'mow their lawns...' as was observed, or in my case it's okay for me to get up at 2:00 in the morning to take one of their residents to the hospital or assist in extinguishing one of their fires but I can't gain access to PUBLIC property through 'THEIR property' to fish. I wonder how governmental agencies will feel about a village collecting $100.00+ in fees that could go to them? Please excuse the rant it's just that I've finally reached my limit living here in the so called 'Famed Three Villages'!
  14. Tom I want to sincerely thank you for all of your efforts regarding this situation to date. This latest development ($100.00 fee to access public property) is outrageous but not surprising given the 'residents' in question. I have lived and fished on the 'outskirts' of this area for more than 40 years please PM me if there is anything you could use assistance with.
  15. I'll take a #2 and a #3, thanks!
  16. Dan I know you didn't show one but do you possibly have a yellow Danny laying around? I was really looking for white, blue and yellow. If not the ones I mentioned above will be fine and no I don't really care about a small blemish, these are for fishing not show! PM me your details and I'll get payment right out, many thanks.
  17. If these are still available and you take PP I'd love to purchase (1) White w/Eyes, (1) Blind Blue & Silver and (1) Pollack. Thanks!
  18. Darn it, just saw this thread!! Anything left or are they all gone? These are exactly what I was looking for.
  19. I'm in until the fire/rescue pager goes off which I'm sure will be more than once tonight and tomorrow morning. Be safe everyone.
  20. Well said TBD. Nevermind the sharks, I'd be more concerned with boats, especially with people skishing further and further west of M in heavily populated 'boating areas'. I've responded to one boat vrs. swimmer incident and it wasn't pretty. After the accident the prop looked fine, unfortunately the same couldn't be said of the victim. By the way the 'swimmer' had a light and the boater's explanation was he never expected to see someone in the water, in that location after dark. Stay with good old feet on the ground/rock surfcasting, it's challenging and productive enough!
  21. I'll take the 2 jigmans and fish on 8 for $35.00 PP if available thanks.
  22. Thanks Andrew, I'm in!
  23. Love the Jets plug. I know the last game was a bummer but keep the faith brother!
  24. When do those date back to?
  25. I recently purchased a couple of BM Jr. Eelskin plugs and noticed a hole between the two hook swivels that is as deep as the through wire of the plug. Is this the normal construction for the BM Eelskin? I thought it would be weighted the same as the regular Juniors. Any enlightenment on this would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.