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  4. I'd like 1 sparkle white and 1 bunker please. Thanks
  5. Any color, down to my last one would like a few more for the season.
  6. I'll take 1 #1 Blurple Daisey, 1 #3 School Bus and 1 #6 Spring Scale. Thanks.
  7. The last time I fished there was in 1981 and it was pure flounder heaven! There was a bunch of us that would go up there every spring on an overnight bus trip and it was always worth the ride. Often wondered what became of that fishery.
  8. The original Atom Jr. and the BC Jr.
  9. Go with hockey tape, it works and it's cheap!
  10. Depends on the year, some years it is worth its weight in gold.
  11. Thanks for the update Tom and for all your efforts.
  12. I'll take (1) white with pink sides. Can you combine with the jersey boy from the other thread? Thanks Corey.
  13. I'll take a school bus.Thanks.
  14. One of each please.
  15. Are these completely different than his current needlefish? Great story, I'm in, thanks for the chance.
  16. I'm in, thanks.
  17. Cool idea. I'm in thank you!
  18. Been chasing them since I was 12 and that was 40 years ago. Where did the time and tides go?
  19. I'm with you!
  20. I'll take the pollack. Can you add that the the two I ordered earlier this week? Thanks Coey!
  21. I'll take 1 bunker and 1 redhead, thanks.
  22. I have one notebook that dates back 40 years. I was twelve years old and the one strange 'pattern' (though I had no idea what a pattern was)I detailed at that time still occurs. I have tried various electronic strategies but they just didn't work for me. I need to jot things down and sketch a drawing right after I get my waders off back at the truck. It may be hard to search through this 'manual system' but hey, that's what the winter's for. I carry several of these notebooks with me in the truck and honestly I'd be more upset if they were stolen than my plug bag! No matter what form of record keeping you choose just 'do it', after several years you won't believe what you actually could have forgot.
  23. All used but in good condition, no rips or issues. Looking for a cash deal only with local exchange - Suffolk County, Long Island, don't want to deal with shipping. Surfcaster 3 tier Ultimate Bag with Plug Storage Bag and 6 extra Plastic inserts $145.00 4 Tube Hunter Elite $145.00 OR... Take all of the above for $265.00 and I'll throw in a brand new Large 2 Row Bronco Pro lure bag as a thank you for helping to clear my basement.
  24. Sold to TossinPlugs pending payment. PM on way. Thank you very much TPlugs, Tim S and SOL.
  25. Sold to miked5136 pending payment. First to meet cash, local pick-up terms. PM on the way. Thank you Mike, Tim S and SOL.