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  1. From your last post it looks like you might have decided to split, if so I'd like to take the 2 pikies and the mullet bay swimmer, thanks:)
  2. Fishing in the Pt. Jeff area this morning I bucktailed 7 bass from 34-38" and all but one looked like the fish posted by Sandflea in the beginning of this thread. One thing is for sure I bet more fish will be released and less will be kept for the table this season. Tight lines all.
  3. I'll take #2 thanks.
  4. Donarts
  5. Walking 2 hours west of Camp Hero and back without a touch...wait a minute that's just crappy not creepy...never mind
  6. Sounds good SWJ, PM your PP info and I'll get payment out this afternoon when I get home from work.
  7. I'd like to offer $40.00 shipped PP for the 2 lordship 40's, thanks.
  8. I agree with you Fishinkid, you hate to play 'tit for tat' but what's fair is fair. Brookhaven should only sell non-res permits to individuals who come from towns that reciprocate.
  9. Same old, same old! Huntington residents can purchase an inexpensive permit to fish Brookhaven beaches but Brookhaven residents can't buy a permit @ any cost to fish Huntington beaches. How is that fair and logical?
  10. Brushfly you hit the nail right on the head, just look at the comment posted after yours, truely sick and sad that someone would think this is a joke.
  11. Think seriously about the Tacoma 4 Door. Great truck, mine has a cap and I can live out of it for days. This is my second Toyota truck, drove my first one past 250,000 miles with no major repairs! Good luck with whatever you choose.
  12. No scientific response here but I've used that same battery with both a 36 lb. and 46 lb. thrust Minn Kota and trolled all night long from 9:00 pm - 5:30 am and I still had juice left over. For many years my favored Bass strategy was worm trolling in a Bostion Whaler Montauk 17. Hope that helps, good luck.
  13. Grouse hunt to stay in shape for the S.Side of Montauk. Anyone who hunts for grouse knows there's no better exercise for heart, lungs and legs! Was out last Saturday and the legs still feel like rubber.
  14. I'll take 1 black and 1 peanut if available.
  15. Loaded Redfin.
  16. I'll take an XL short sleeve shipped. Thanks.
  17. Great advise, either target practice or sledgehammer. The only way to be sure your old data is 'gone' is to physically destroy the drive.
  18. I would like to offer you $30.00 for the wonderbread and blue mullet spook, you could add it to my eelskin purchase. Thanks for the consideration.
  19. I'll take these for $36.00 PayPal. Thanks.
  20. To anyone who thinks our environment needs no 'protection' please google 'Hooker Chemical' and 'Love Canal', thank you.
  21. Wow, great video and 'Awesome Axe-Swinging' but even greater story John. I've always been most inspired by those who seek more than financial gain in their lives. Wouldn't it be a nicer world if we could all just respect each other and not give a second thought to whether someone happens to be a Jew, a Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Black, White, Republican or Democrat? God bless you in 2012 and always.
  22. I have the GSB 1321M with the VS 250 and love it. Montauk, Inlets, Open-Beach, it does it all. Good luck with your decision
  23. Payment sent, thanks.
  24. I'll take them all for the asking price of $50.00. Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving to you!
  25. I'll take a Jiggy Blue and a Ratty Bandito, thanks!