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  1. Great boots, great quality! I too have plantar fasciitis and I know how that can make walking an absolute nightmare. I obsessively turkey hunt spring and fall and spend most of that time 'ridge running' and thanks to these boots I feel great at the end of the day. There were times during a plantar fasciitis flare up when I wouldn't even bother stepping foot in the woods, not anymore thanks to my Mucks. To put it in perspective, In case you don't turkey hunt, spending a day chasing a flock in the fall makes a walk on the Southside of Montauk seem like a cake walk. Good luck with your decision.
  2. (1) #2 please.
  3. (1) #2 please.
  4. I'll take 1# 2 and 1#3 thanks.
  5. I'll take 1 #1 and 1#3 please.
  6. Big baits = Big fish
  7. Well said! With this thought prices drop and problem is solved so therefore it will unfortunately never happen
  8. LAMI GSB 1081m, one and done!
  9. Boy this post brings back good, old memories! Fished here constantly in the late 70's during winter. When the wind cranked out of the northwest you never had to go further than the t-bar. Actually on those nights all the smaller fish seemed to be staged near the outflow and all the larger ones were down by the bar. I remember one night when one guy fishing tape worms caught one large after the other, smallest was around 30 lbs. and the largest had to be close to 50 lbs. For various reasons those days are probably gone forever. Anyone remember the Tri-Fin sand eel jig?
  10. Looking for 1 or 2 of these. Thanks.
  11. Thanks again for your offer.
  12. Thanks but I'll pass. I overlooked an online source that has them on 'close-out' now. I didn't want to not make you a reasonable offer after your effort to reply but I won't overpay for plugs anymore. Thanks again and take care. By the way I heard these will be readily available again this spring.
  13. Thanks for your reply. If that's new and a Jr. (not a 40) I'd like to offer you $25.00 shipped. Thanks again.
  14. Thank you very much for your reply but I was really hoping to find one with the groove in the head. Take care and tight lines!
  15. Thanks, it does seem like a hen's tooth would be easier to find.
  16. I've used it for years on fluke jigs, absolutely outstanding, holds up well to their teeth by the way.
  17. I tried, they are listed as sold out, when I attempted to contact Ron through email I received no response so I'm hoping I could score 1 or 2 here. Thanks.
  18. I'll take the Bob Hahn if you'll take PP please.
  19. I'll take the first Danny (blue/silver), thanks.
  20. I'll take #1, #2, and #5 please. Thanks!
  21. Wait until they get bored and start 'extreme surfing', it's done at night. What do we do then?
  22. Come on now, a beach in summer without a fire is like a mountain in winter without snow!
  23. That's a continued bummer. Haven't fished much the past month but that's pretty much what I've seen from the same area all season with all sized fish both large and small. I sure hope this isn't a sign of impending doom.
  24. That first heart stopping gobble @ about 4:50 am on opening day in May as well as the tone of John Coltrane's sax.
  25. Is it just me? It seems that this year almost all the fish I have been catching or viewing in pictures have these sores. Has this condition always been present and only recently become prevalent? I just can't bring myself to eat an occassional striper anymore , what a bummer.