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  1. No thank you, just trying to raise some cash to blow tomorrow .
  2. Thanks for the offer Montego but the lowest I'll go is $140.00.
  3. Want to trade a new, never used 3 tube bag with detachable shoulder strap for an Ebbpoint Beachwalker bag in same condition. Looking for a black bag with both sets of tubes (2 tube insert and 5 tube insert). Prefer face to face trade on Long Island rather than mail.
  4. 4x4

    I know this thread originally started with a question regarding Jeeps but you definitely should give the Trail Edition 4Runner serious consideration. Make sure that you test drive the Trail Edition, not the SR5 or Limited. I just switched from a dbl cab Tacoma to a 2013 Trail Edition and absolutely love it. I had no intention of giving up my Tacoma but with 175,000 miles the wife was always on edge when I'd leave for one of my frequent, upstate, deep-in-the woods hunting/camping trips. Instead of another Tacoma I researched the Trail Edition, spoke to several owners of 2012's and haven't looked back. Never saw myself in an SUV but am very happy with this vehicle. Good luck with your choice.
  5. I have the same problem, end up replacing with feathers.
  6. Painting the garage, drinking beer and smoking cigars all at the same time .
  7. It's a sickness, I still have it bad but at least it's under control and I'm still safely 'on the wagon'... for now.
  8. (4) Yakima landing pads, (4) Yakima Control Towers, (2) 58" Yakima Crossbars. Previously used on a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Long Bed Cap with rail system. Sell all for $150.00 or trade for Ebbpoint Beachwalker with inserts. Local purchase and pick-up only, Eastern Nassau County or Suffolk County. Thanks for looking.
  9. It was a pleasure DaveCap, nice to meet you and thanks for the cigar, you're a real gent. Thanks also for planting the seed to fly fish, the wife is thrilled that I found yet another outlet to spend money on! Have a great fall!
  10. Sold to DaveCap pending final arrangements. I'll PM a suggested meeting time and place. Thank you Tim and SOL.
  11. (4) Yakima locking Q-Towers to be used on vehicles with or without rain gutters, (2) 58" Yakima Crossbars. Previously used on top of the cab of a 2008, 4 door F-150. Sell all for $150.00 or trade for Ebbpoint Beachwalker with inserts. Local purchase and pick-up only, Eastern Nassau County or Suffolk County. Thanks for looking.
  12. Sorry for the delay in this response. Not sure what size these are. I've attempted to post a picture if that helps. Again these are for a cap that has the rails already installed, the shoes insert into the rails and the rack clips in. I have the 4 locks and key. I am flexible with meeting as far west as Nassau.
  13. Lukster14 all yours. Sorry for the delay, I've been stuck at the firehouse for the past day. I'll PM arrangements. Thanks Tim and SOL.
  14. Shoes? Do you mean the rubber bottoms on the towers? If so yes. I'll try to get pics up tonight or first thing in the morn.
  15. Thanks for adding to the thread raider73 and treblemaker. I'm not sure if they would fit the Dodge. My F-150 had a large surface area so they set up well for rod storage. They sort of clipped in with no drilling and no need for a rain gutter. Hope that helps.
  16. I was part of the FD response that searched for Bill the day he was reported missing. Broke my heart when it became clear it was a recovery not a rescue assignment, broke my heart a second time when I learned he was a fellow SOL'er. RIP Bill and to all out there be careful and don't forget to tell your loved ones you love them when you leave for the night.
  17. About time!!! Bravo Penn!!! Watch out for falling prices on Junkers in the BST
  18. Frequently freezes on my iPad even when 'logged in'. This has been happening for about a week.
  19. Experiencing the same thing mobile or desktop doesn't matter for the past few days, it's driving me nuts! All other sites work fine.
  20. In the late 70's early 80's there was a consistent spring run of BIG fish in a certain Cold Spring Harbor location, saw Billy Joel there frequently, always a gentleman and friendly. I also remember him sharing how when he was younger he would fish the harbor from the shore for bluefish during the bunker blitzes. Biggest thrill however was meeting James Caan at a private beach I was lucky enough to have access to in the Port Jefferson area. I'm casting, minding my own business when this guy walks to the water's edge smoking a cigar and asks how the fishing was. Before I could finish 'Hey aren't you.." he smiles and says no "I'm not Sonny Corleone." I'll never forget what he said next, "Hey listen, I want somebody good and I mean very good to plant that gun. I don't want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his d_ck in his hands, alright?" That was, and probably always will be, the highlight of my fishing career! Never broke 40lbs. but even if I do it won't match the thrill of a personally delivered line by James Caan from the best gangster movie ever made!