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  1. I know this is a long shot but what the heck, any out there? Trying to down size my 'carry-on' beach luggage this season.
  2. Excellent, the tubes look great too. Sold, I'll take it. I'll PM you to make payment arrangements. Thank you very much mch, Tim and SOL.
  3. Sounds good. Unfortunately you're just a tad out of driving distance even though over the years I have been known to make that road trip to see Springsteen LOL. Happy New Year!
  4. Hi MCH, thank you very much for your response. I'm located in Suffolk County, L.I. but would travel to pick-up if you're not too far away. Would you be so kind as to post a few pics? If it's complete and in good condition I'll take it. Thanks again for the response. Regards and Happy New Year!
  5. Absolutely, I'm thinking 1970 or 1971. Sure wish I knew then what I know now:).
  6. Were you thinking of Plaza Sports in 'Upper Port' or Terry's Sporting Goods in 'Lower Port' that was across from Al's Butcher Shop? I remember getting a load of Stan Gibbs plugs in the cardboard boxes for next to nothing when Terry went out if business. Boy does time fly!
  7. Too funny! Thanks for the update.
  8. Exactly! That's why I have zero tolerance for this practice.
  9. I could stand to make a pretty penny on the land I own upstate and I pray that fracking will never be allowed. Believe me the money they were talking made my head spin! Unfortunately once you make a 'mistake' with nature there's no going back. Also as far as fracking reducing our dependency on foreign oil...yea right, I heard there's a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.
  10. Same thing for me on the north shore both yesterday and this evening. I haven't seen this much bunker in years, just plain frustrating that nothing seems to be under them. All I have to show after fishing 6+ hours surrounded by large, adult bunker is 1 cocktail bluefish that destroyed an extra large shad!
  11. Love this plug! Use it frequently in May and June on N.S. of L.I. with great results when nothing else will buy a hit. Unfortunately when you're into larger fish it will be destroyed. Won't leave home without it.
  12. Killer lures! Was a go to lure for me when I started Surfcasting back in the late '60's , boy am I old:(
  13. I'm not going to spot burn but I'll give your confidence a boost for this trip. I've fished that area for more than 40 years and by the the time you get there the fish will be too. The areas with public water access hold fish. Make sure you pack Queen Cocahoe minnows with 1/2 ounce heads and please be careful with the waders, there's a lot of mucky bottom that would love to suck you in. Have fun and be safe.
  14. Google drive, more free storage.
  15. White Water Outfitters
  16. I have both of those and they were purchased as Tattoos.
  17. Guy Cotton.
  18. Thanks for that info, I'll do a search for the name. I had no luck with the company that first year so I just kept wearing it as is. At this point the cuffs are tattered shreds so I've got to do something with it for this season.
  19. Same with me. Great top for summer but the cuffs are a real problem, I squeezed a season out of them before they started to tear and fall apart. Do you send it back to Aquashinz for repair or somewhere else?
  20. Percy sure loved to cod fish. I had the privilege of sharing the rail on the King Wayne out in Montauk with him more than a few times back in the 90's. As a jazz nut I was in awe of the stories he shared about Parker and Coltrane. A true down to earth gentleman with a smile you couldn't forget.
  21. Good luck and try to relax Eric. I'm a first responder and unfortunately many calls that start with severe chest pains don't end as positively as yours did. As everyone else has said stay positive, be strong and have faith, before long you will be feeling better than you have in years!!!
  22. New, never used 3 Tube Gear-Up surf bag with detachable shoulder strap, $150.00 cash deal at Surf Day.
  23. Time to go to bed and put this back in the closet. Closing this thread. Thanks for the opportunity to sell Tim and SOL.
  24. Love these, they just don't last very long. Several times they out fished my buddies throwing sluggos.