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  1. Love the 5 1/4" on the north shore. I have a bunch of unweighted ones I can fish real slow 'in the boulders' when heavier ones have to be reeled in too fast. They're absolute dynamite!
  2. I've got a '13 Trail Edition and haven't done a thing to it except to put a hitch haul on it during deer season. After 100,000 miles (yes I like to travel) it has served me well on the sand, on the snow and in the woods. BTW only expense has been tires, brakes and oil changes, best vehicle I've ever owned!
  3. Looking for a few BM Cowboy Jrs. in basic colors. Any out there?
  4. Thank you for responding, I'll pass on this offer, good luck with your sale in Plugs WTS.
  5. If they're new and you could do $65.00 PP for two I'd like to take the ones on either end, the white jr. And the mac jr., if not I understand and appreciate your response, thanks Lou.
  6. Hi and thanks for the response. I'm only interested in the Jr. size. I was looking for light and dark colors, the gasoline would be great for a dark color. How much would you want for 2 gasolines?
  7. Thanks Marc, I'll send PP now.
  8. I'll take for asking.
  9. I'll take the Squeelies, lot 2.
  10. Hey Valentine thanks for the kind words! At first the diagnosis knocked the wind out of me but then I quickly realized at age 54 I was much, much luckier than many others and decided to live leach day like the gift it is. Getting this diagnosis at my age doesn't suck, what suck's is when someone like my friend's son dies of esophageal cancer at the age of 25 which just happened a few weeks ago. That to me suck's and is something which just isn't right! Thanks again for the support, God Bless you and yours.
  11. Wow, I was diagnosed with the same thing, also currently in the 'watchful waiting' mode. I'm 57 and was diagnosed at 54. Right now I'm stable and feel pretty well for the most part. CLL is the main reason I retired at 55, thank God for having a pension and a few investments. Just trying to enjoy each day as if it was my last. Like you I have made major changes in my diet although I was told it would do nothing to reverse the course of this disease. With the weight loss I do feel much better and I have what seems like increased energy. I was told my disease could have resulted from smoke exposure. Who knows, as a volley F.F. I was always pretty vigilant in not only wearing but also using my SCBA even during overhaul operations following active fires. There's another thread on here about retirement being boring, I don't know but I'm enjoying the hell out of it and I have hunted and fished like a madman since I retired. Hang in there brother and keep the faith, maybe we'll be the lucky ones and live another 30 years if not, oh well we should just enjoy whatever amount of 'ride'' we have left.
  12. There goes the neighborhood....again! Same thing happened to me awhile back, pray the spot goes 'cold' for awhile, I found a lot of these "fishermen" have short memories and move on quicker than you can say 'Internet'. Frustrating and depressing none the less ! To stay on topic and respond to your question unfortunately we live in a time where ethical behavior is viewed as a weakness.
  13. Amen Cascade! I remember when I first heard of the 'Guided Surfcasting Concept' years ago and thought that it would never fly. Who would give away spots that in most cases took years and years of hard work to find and understand? Unlike a charter boat where most customers can't easily return to the 'bite' even if they own a boat, once 'walked' to a spot a customer and all of his friends can return to the scene of the crime over and over and over again. Oh well as they say I guess everyone has their price. At this point I''m truly grateful to have enjoyed and learned to surfcast before the dawn of the Internet and instant gratification.
  14. Thanks for bringing this to light. I just sent an email. I've lived in Crookhaven, oops I mean Brookhaven all my life, no surprise here however still frustrating and depressing all the same.
  15. Prayers and good thoughts to you and your wife. It's been 13 years since my wife's cancer was 'slashed, poisoned, and burned' and she's going strong! Think positive and oh yes, F cancer!
  16. Thank you X10!!!!!
  17. No need to give anyone any ideas, just remember how and why we lost OFP!
  18. What sad news! I've shopped there since he opened across the street. I think that must have been 1978 or 1979. I thought something was up when his website went dark awhile ago. Goodbye Stan and so long to the 'good old' days.
  19. Allen Kraken. I've used one extensively in the salt the last 2 seasons and it has been a complete winner. Great responsive company to boot! Good luck with yours.
  20. Bulleit 10 year Bourbon, he will really appreciate it and it won't empty your wallet.
  21. Beautiful example of a fantastic, functional bag no longer made!
  22. If available and PP is good, I'll take the white and blue scale for asking price of $60.00.
  23. Go to the hunting section of the New York State DEC wesite, the specific info you want is there.
  24. No, nothing extra needed for a return. I do keep the original box so it's easy to return my leakers every couple of years. Seriously the best wader option I've ever found. Enjoy!
  25. Night after night a black bomber is still sometimes all I need to take out of the bag! Don't leave home without it.