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  1. Tagger, thanks so much for the info, now I can finally experience what this plug looks and feels like in the wash.
  2. For me Z has confirmed that what is really important is not how many different plugs I have but where I throw the plug and how I actually 'work' it. I'll be 'thinning the herd' for sure. Thanks to Z my next extra $50.00 will go to a charity for Autism research rather than to someone trying to get rich off a Beachmaster. Who knows maybe I'll even benefit from good karma this spring as a result!
  3. I am a far cry from a custom lure builder but this rattle can painted 4" swimmer did the trick for me the entire season. Caught many 'smalls' to 25 lbs. on this from April through December. I cried my eyes out when I snapped it off on a cast. Was rerwarded the next morning when I found it in the 'high-tide weeds'. I plan on making several more in different colors this winter.
  4. I'm in. I would most likely buy 2 if price was reasonable. Happy New Year!
  5. I'm in. Thanks for the chance!
  6. After viewing this forum for over a year I finally got up the courage to register. I made my first set of plugs late last month (poppers and metal lips) and wouldn't have been able to without all of your great posts! Thank you one and all. I hope to figure out how to post some photos in the near future. One question, are the Jet and Delta Lathes the best lathes to purchace?