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  1. Very, Very Nice!
  2. Sorry for the delay, here are 2 & 3 ounce Bass Hunter Heads. The tied one is killer when Sea Robins are on the menu.
  3. I'll try to post a PIC when I get home tonight.
  4. Hey Corey, will any unrigged Jr.'s be available in the near future? Thanks
  5. Nothing like Chuck's Buck's Bass Hunter heads!
  6. Well said. Also don't forget there is a tremendous amount of money being made by 'private corporations' in the area of 'security-related' products, training programs, etc. I have seen some incredibly wasteful expenditures since 9/11!
  7. I had a 2004 F150 with the 5.4, it had the same issue. When I got rid of the truck it had 175,000 miles with no major issues. I guess I learned to live with it. Good luck.
  8. I'll take #7 please, awaiting your PP info.
  9. I'm thinking about finally sending my VS 250 in for factory service, any feelings re: which address responds better, the factory in Tulsa or Rivers End in Ct.? Any comments related to quality of service would be appreciated, many thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the informative feedback!
  11. I can't stop myself, Corey, HELP! I'll take a #1 and a #4. Could you ship with yesterday's order or is that too late? Let me know final damage, Thanks.
  12. Hi Corey, I'd like to take a #2 and a #5, please PM your PP info. Thanks!
  13. Been driving a TACO for 110,000 blissful, uneventful and safe miles.....something I could unfortunately never say about either the Fords or Dodges I've driven in the past! Keep your eyes on this, Toyota will do what's right.
  14. Hi Corey, glad to see you're here. I love your plugs, the Jr.'s I've used from Brian have been nothing short of OUTSTANDING! Can't wait to give the bitty a try, all the best.
  15. I'll take these. Please PM your paypal info, thanks.
  16. I'll take these. Please let me know where you want payment sent. Thanks!
  17. Time will tell on this one. Hopefully for Jeep it'll be a hit.
  18. Welcome and have fun!
  19. Big in spring!!! Remember the bunker can show up in March.
  20. Willie, once again thank you for all you have done over the years to maintain and increase public access to the L.I. shoreline. Without your dedicated, selfless commitment I know there would be substantially less access then is now enjoyed by everyone. Hang in there, don't let any of this raise your blood pressure and please remember that you are appreciated by more individuals then you will ever know.
  21. Just saw this thread. I'm fishing in your general area and have experienced the same frustration for the past week or two. What finally cracked it for me was a dramatic change in retrieve. I've had consistent success with a 5" black Bomber behind a 3" yellow feather teaser. I crank 3 or 4 slow turns then stop the plug dead for a three to four second count and at the point when I'm just about ready to crank the handle again I've been getting explosive strikes. I have to admit it feels that I am leaving the plug still for too long (It's almost painful!) but that's what it takes to get these fish to commit. I'd love to say I figured this out because I understand the fish so well but I can't lie, it was purely by accident. I had a line malfunction that caused my plug to remain still for a long, long time and bingo, this blind squirrel found a nut. By the way all the fish have hit the Bomber, not the teaser, however if I throw only a Bomber with no teaser the result is no fish. Go figure. Good luck, don't give up.
  22. Absolutely. I carry both the small and large Choopy needles in yellow and black. They are slow sinkers and have frequently produced when nothing else has. Stick with them in the Sound, they work.
  23. The same thing happened to me after the very first use. I contacted the company and received absolutely no satisfaction. I was told I was the first one to ever report such a problem and that it had to be 'operator error'. After a long conversation with Kadir I was told that I could send the top back for a standard $60.00 repair. That was not an option for me after spending over $100.00 on this top so I repaired it myself for less than $3.00 with some extra neoprene and Aquaseal. So far so good. There was definitly something wrong with the cuffs on my top, I should have looked it over better before I purchased. Following my treatment from this company needless to say I will no longer be a 'loyal customer'. Good luck with your repair.
  24. Two lures I have always wanted to fish but have never been lucky enough to get my hands on: a Hab's "Tally-Whacker" and a Beachmaster "Junior". Although I've never seen the originals in action these questionable attempts at "knock-offs" look like they might draw a strike or two. I guessed on the tail weighting of the Junior and the test run proved positive for a nice controlled 'wiggle'. Has anyone out there had success with the Tally-Whacker? During what time of the season have they produced best? Thanks in advance.
  25. I really want to fish a Beachmaster "Junior" this season but until this point I have been unable to purchase one for a somewhat reasonable price ( the Ebay/BST prices are way out of my league). I am therefore attempting to do the next best thing and build my own copy. I've been pretty successful in cutting a good form out of red cedar but I can't fgure out the weighting of this plug. My questions are the following: How much weight is placed in the tail of a BM Junior? and How much weight is placed in the belly of this plug? Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.