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  1. Wow, so I guess I have some plugs with a story here. Thanks for sharing the info.
  2. Just received my new pliers, they are better than expected, thanks!
  3. Shouldn't do this but I'll take it. Just hope I beat my wife to the mailbox! Send your PayPal info and I'll get it out ASAP.
  4. It's all been said above. Buy these and you will not be disappointed. When they leak (and all waders will leak at some point) just return them for a new pair. My current pair has outlasted 2 seasons at Montauk.
  5. Done with Bass now it's time for Grouse!
  6. You'll love the boat for the fishing you intend to do. I owned a 13' whaler for 10 years with no problems and my current 17' Whaler I've had for 20 years. Funny thing is I got the 17' to fish further from the ramp for more and bigger Bass and I've yet to break 35 lbs., with the 13' Whaler I broke the 40lb. mark 6 times! Maybe I should think about 'downsizing'. Good luck in your boat search.
  7. I fish the 'middle' of the North Shore of the Island and more than several years ago I became obsessed with 'wire-lining' especially during the heat of August when I just couldn't find a bite on decent sized fish from the shore. My interest was pretty much centered around 'parachutting' and I had some pretty increadible days under the high-noon sun. After a few seasons I also found it too easy and will now only do it if desperate to see some larger fish in the summer or if someone asks me to take them out because they are frustrated with not catching anything. What I'm most surprised about in recent years is not the bass I've 'patterned' in this neck of the woods on wire but the number of LARGE fluke and LARGE weakfish that I've wired. Thanks for mentioning Ronnie Lepper, my cousin who is now deceased was a friend or shall I say a competitor of Ronnie's back in the late 60's & 70's. I heard some great stories! It's funny how the mention of a name can bring back such warm memories.
  8. I'll take these. PM your PayPal info and I'll get it out ASAP.
  9. Larry, these look good, I think I'll take a chance on them and give them a try. Please PM your PayPal info, thanks.
  10. Great cave. Love the Cash poster by the way!
  11. Are these available for immediate delivery?
  12. The old 'Toyota Tap' my 2009 does it.
  13. Thanks for the insight Smellfish, that makes sense. Surprised that Beachmaster did that with their reputation for perfection.
  14. I think this pic shows what I mean.
  15. I'm in, thank you!
  16. I'll take 1 white and 1 yellow please.
  17. I'll take the 2 BM Jr. eelskins. Thanks.
  18. I'm in.
  19. I'm in with fingers crossed.
  20. I'm in. Thanks.
  21. Does anyone know for fact what entity has actual jurisdiction over this area? Is it Federal? State? Town of Brookhaven? I was always under the impression that this area was 'owned' by the Village of Old Field and therefore 'outsiders' were at best, tolerated. I have fished the area on and off for almost 40 years and at times you could slip by and fish without incident while at other times you would be run off before you could get both feet out of the car and on the ground. Anyone who remembers Officer Cummings will know what I mean. Sure hope access to the beach can be restored even following this unavoidable major 'spot burn'.
  22. I respectfully offer $30.00 PP for this lot, thanks.
  23. Looks like they are just about gone already!
  24. Used to see them frequently on S.S. on L.I. off the Meadowbrook Pkwy. near the Loop.
  25. Great group of plugs at a great price. Unfortunately out of my reach, if you considerer splitting however I'd love to get a chance to buy two of those juniors. Good luck with the sale.