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  1. I believe he past away a few years ago. He was living in Connecticut with a lot of health issues at the end.
  2. I’ll take it for asking price.
  3. These darters were and still are killer. Never bought one that didn’t swim perfect. Again where I fish now the smaller size is what I’m looking for. Someone please buy these or I might....just because they’re for sale, LOL !
  4. Awesome darters. Wish they were the smaller 1.75 ounce version :(.
  5. I’ll take a #5 and #6, thanks!
  6. Thread closed, thanks Tim & SOL.
  7. New, never used Penn Slammer III 6500 filled with 300 yds. Power Pro braid. Box, papers included. An impulse buy I thought I’d use but didn’t. Asking $180.00 cash for parking lot exchange on Long Island, not into shipping and pp.
  8. Excellent, I’ll send a message now for arrangements.
  9. Awesome for you! Enjoy every second, life is short!!!
  10. That would be too big, looking for a smaller reel than the Slammer. Thanks for reply.
  11. Yes, a Penn Spinfisher VI 6500 BLS.
  12. Closing this thread. Thanks Tim & SOL for the chance to sell here. Happy 4th all.
  13. 1985 17' Boston Whaler with 2002 90 HP Mercury with EZ Loader Trailer for sale. I am the third owner and have owned this boat since 1989. Boat has been garaged and has no bottom paint. Excellent condition, a real classic. DF, GPS, VHF, etc., too many extras to list. Located in the Pt. Jefferson, Long Island area. $8,500.00.
  14. All he has to do is release his taxes. That would offer a response to many questions and concerns. Wonder why he won’t release them?
  15. What about his promise to ‘absolutely’ have Mexico pay for it?
  16. Thanks, sending PP now.
  17. Would you accept $35.00 PP for the 2 BC JR’s.?
  18. Sending PP now, thanks.
  19. I’ll take the cloud if it’s the smaller, 6” Danny. If it’s the Largest sized Danny I’ll pass, thanks.
  20. Thanks, I'll send payment now.
  21. I can offer $65.00 for the squeelies, thanks for your consideration.
  22. It still had a lot of life in it when I let it go. The only thing I had to replace were tires and breaks. Good luck with your new truck!
  23. I had the same year truck in the sport model for over 200,000 miles, absolutely great on the sand. I kept it stock.
  24. I fished here too starting about 40 years ago and yes I'm well aware of "the problem" that existed, however.....why is it that these "residents" can accept federal funds to shore-up the bluff and then restrict access from the rest of us taxpayers? Sorry I have no sympathy for those who want it both ways. Funny they object to the bucket brigade on "their" beaches but have no problem with those same people cutting their lawns and cleaning their pools for $3.00 an hour! Please excuse the rant, this one is a personal sore spot. Unfortunately I feel their is another segment of society ($$$$) that has done far more through their actions to restrict public access than the "illegals"
  25. I'll take the white one, thanks.