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  1. Thanks for all the thoughtful replies. The advice about trying the trough along the beach is well-taken -- both up north and down south. Seems like I have to become better about choosing my times and my spots, and also learn how to spey cast! 100'-120'! wow
  2. I was lucky enough to do some fishing around the East End last season -- mostly with a fly rod, mostly from shore. One day I got to chatting with this guy who was throwing an eel lure that just looked awesome in the water. He would work it slowly through the depths in the middle of an outflow channel. He could also a launch another lure (not sure which one) about a mile, and brought in some nice blues that where feeding on bait pods far out. Anyway, cool guy, great fisherman. My question for those with more experience: what are the times or situations when you feel like it's an advantage to have a fly rod in your hand in saltwater? Especially from shore. After watching this guy (and, honestly, having limited success, and yes I fished at night and all tides), I got to thinking that saltwater fly fishing setups were best from a boat, kayak, or for only certain ideal situations from shore (worm hatch, swinging a flatwing through a pod of active fish on an outflow). Thanks for any insight.