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  1. Even better I like the pogies dead and yo-yo them. Fishing eels at night is just as easy. If you only like artificial that's fine. If you wanted a challenge you got one this year with the pogies around. Got ~900lbs the first 3 days of commercial trolling lures and that is as easy as fishing gets.
  2. Whether charter or commercial fishing you are killing Stripers for money. As long as there is money involved people will find a way to exploit it. You are correct.
  3. You can't name yourself "Stripahslayah" and be a conservationist haha
  4. I agree with that. The boats that are out everyday chartering have done much more damage than anyone standing on the shore. Personally I think the inshore trawlers that kill all the bait fish/ are a big reason for the striped bass down fall. Not to mention the Stripers that don't survive as bycatch. For the record I don't think we should commercial fish for them either but everyone is to blame. Not just the commies
  5. I didn't know On the Water was a commercial site sorry. They data this year is actually worse because there are more rec fisherman and less com fisherman. The recreational fisherman are doing more damage whether you like it or not. That is the the truth. Charter boats do the most damage. Especially the head boats out for striped bass.
  6. If you were really concerned about the Striped Bass stock you wouldn't fish for them at all. Look at the data that recently came out. The rec fisherman kill way more fish. Think about the charter boats fishing every day catching slots that are kept and tons of overs that will not survive. There are party boats off Montauk catching 50lbers and torpedoing them 12 feet down to the water. Next year they are talking about shutting down the fishery 2 weeks at a time. If you want your voice to be heard on any issue go to the meetings and write letters in. Bitching here is useless. *
  7. .
  8. On Vacation with your wife for your anniversary. You are one lucky man
  9. For Pizza and Wings if you head towards the railroad bridge on cape side is the Trading Post Lounge. Used to be a dump but recently got bought up from the same people who own the lobster trap. Great place to sit at the bar, play keno and have great bar food.
  10. We also grow a ton of government subsidized corn for high fructose corn syrup. Just to give people type two diabetes. They are also destroying the amazon to grow soy to make ethanol. But I thought mass was going to be all electric cars soon hahaha yeah right
  11. When's that water gonna warm up a little more. Can't wait to find some spring Tog!
  12. Boru is amazing. It is also BYOB and I usually bring the two guys cooking a craft beer. The food and ramen is killer. I just had to edit because my wife told me they added Beer, Wine and Sake so no more BYOB
  13. Cape Ponds are loaded with Chain Pickerel. Try Mashpee- Wakeby pond as there are also a few monster pike and big largemouth. Tight lines.
  14. Josh is won of the best small boat Tuna Fisherman on cape cod and one of the only ones that doesn't beat there chest about it. He will put you on the meat. As far as fishing Eastham surf you need to fish the Oceanside beaches at sunset/sunrise or night time.
  15. Sunny and Beautiful in Falmouth