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  1. In the lower middle bay south of The Choptank. Eastern bay, Fishing bay and Tangier sounds have a good supply from August through September, sometimes into early October if it's warm. You have to pole into most places to get at them other than Tangier sound. The Target Ships are a place to try for them, but the pressure on that area lately has me skeptical of the reports I've gotten.
  2. I use them all the time for White perch, Specks, Redfish and Rockfish in the bay. We use them on a jig head, not on a hi-lo rig.
  3. We're not gonna get that lucky.
  4. And it's good stuff.
  5. <======That guy over there might know something or not about those stickers showing up or not.
  6. Peas can cause cardiac issues in dogs they have too much taurine in them.
  7. The wife has been a vet tech for close to 40 years.
  8. You can feed them a wide variety of foods except onions, garlic and peas. Ours really love sweet potato if you're looking for a veggie, they also eat pumpkin. TBH, I think they'd eat a stick of dynamite if I handed it to them. Watch the salt though, it can cause the same issues in pups that it does in humans.
  9. There's a young lady down where we launch our boat that crabs by herself. We drop off perch carcasses to her. She loves what she does, her dad was a crabber and that's what she chose as her profession. Commercial fishing is a rough profession.
  10. From what I saw on Instagram she did it solo.
  11. She could probably kick my ass right now. I know what she went through pulling that pig in and God bless her for doing it. My biggest was 703lbs and took me damn near 3 hours. It sounded down 3 times before it gave up. It's cool when it's over, but damn it's brutal fighting one.
  12. Free if you don't count feeling like a dump truck ran you over the next day. Catching those monsters is a sheer test of strength against stamina. Especially when they decide to sound about 500m and you have to winch them back up like a whole lotta catfish.