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  1. That's cool, I ended up going with the bucktail loops instead of the eel pouch. Il keep bucktails from 1.5-3 ounces 2 of each , 4 diamond jigs 2 a17s and 2 a27s and some spare jig heads. In the bag Il keep rigged soft plastics and some smaller plugs that only have 1 hook. I got the buddy lock plano box to hold spare soft plastics. I cant wait to get the bag in!
  2. I apologize bro, I'm new to the forum. I did not know that it was disrespectful.
  3. Good afternoon! Can I please see pictures of the C and R bullet eel and the fat tail-NJ killah
  4. Il take the white pgseeker 2 ounce and the rb plugworks dragster if still available
  5. Oh that's awesome! That's exactly what I was looking for too. Thank you so much for the insight.
  6. Got you, it is ideal to keep the boga on your belt but sometimes in the spring and early fall I don't wear a belt and I just go out on the jetty with sneakers and korkers. Being able to put the boga on my bag can make it a bit easier when it comes time to deal with those gator blues. I'm sorry to bother you again lol,with the detachable pouch "eel style" can it comfortably hold a decent amount of soft plastics and is it long enough to hold things like sluggo's and tsunami sand eels?
  7. I got one more question brother. Do yk if its possible to have the buddy lock system in the boga grips or do they only come with a belt loop?
  8. Looks like the GSB is the better choice in this situation. But from what I understand both have enough backbone for big fish but the moderate action of the GSB looks like the better choice. I have a GSB 1081L that's custom built but when I was hooking into fish over 12 pounds off the jetty I had trouble turning them in the current and that could be a problem when there are a bunch of people fishing in close proximity to you.
  9. Thank you so much bro!
  10. @Mojua Good afternoon, hey bro I love the bag that you got there with the plier sheath and pork rind holder.I would love to get the same exact setup but with red stitching. Can you send me the specs of that bag. So I know what to ask Jamie when I get mine built.
  11. Good afternoon yall, I am trying to choose between between the supersurf 2g pro and GSB. The rods are both 10 foot, one piece and rated 2-5. I want a rod that I can use off jetty's and inlets that can take a beating, turn a big fish in the current and is good for bucktails, tins and big plugs. Am I better off with the faster action Super surf or the moderate fast GSB. What are your guys experiences with these rods?
  12. Hey Guys I am trying to sell my 2 gear up bags but for whatever reason there is no start a new topic option in the buy sell trade forum. Am I doing something wrong ?
  13. Hello! Hey guys, what do you wear when you go fishing off jetties. Do you still wear a belt ?
  14. MaxKatt,breezybass When you guys fish off jetty's, what do you wear ? And do you guys still wear a surf belt even if your not in waders? Im just asking out of curiosity.
  15. CLFish5 I fish for stripers and blues, I was thinking of getting a 2 tube bag and have a pouch in the front of the bag that is big enough to hold some tins and bucktails and maybe soft plastics. When I walk the beach I walk for about 1-3 miles depending on the spot and where II find the fish. But the dilemma is that when I go and fish jetties I don't wear waders or a belt so I don't have a spot for my bogas and my pliers. Thats why I was thinking of getting a d ring and a plier holder built into the bag.