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  1. If hay creek rambler does not take it for $95 then if you are still interested its yours for $100. The shipping to MA is considerably more costly than PA.
  2. Good afternoon, I am selling this Gear Up Two Tube Mini for $100 shipped. The bag is in good condition.
  3. The link does not work, can you please post a photo
  4. 45 is the highest I am willing to go. I believe that is reasonable. If not I wish you the best of luck with this sale.
  5. I would have done 50 if it was brand new. Can you please do 45 because its been thrown.
  6. Would you be willing to split the pikie for 45 shipped?
  7. Not interested in any plug trades at the moment. I would like to do 100 plus shipping. If you live on the east coast it will come out to about 110.
  8. 7 inch tubes. With the flap closed about 7.25 inches
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