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  1. I found some bones near the place we were staying, just a pair that would come into the flat in the mornings. They were pretty big, I tried all the flies I brought, which wasn’t enough. i got a couple of chases and one eat but I didn’t connect:( I did get a ok sized dock tarpon on bait though. And while night fishing I caught a 20-30 pound tarpon on a mirro-lure. He flopped back into the water before we could get a pic. One of the commercial fishermen that was off loading his catch that morning offered to take us out tomorrow for some vermilion snapper which hopefully works out! IMG_2127.MOV IMG_2129.MOV
  2. I have a car so l’ll definitely check it out! I might try to take a paddle board out there too. A cool starfish I found.
  3. This is the update so far in Saint Martin. I found a salt pond with some baby tarpon so I’ve been messing with them for a while. I lost most of my flies to fish so im replenishing the losses on the road!
  4. I finally got the big guy in the pond!! She’s definitely thick!
  5. Did the hurricane destroy the mangroves? I didn’t visit before the hurricane.
  6. Yeah even now theres tons of community's on the water that haven’t been rebuilt. It’s crazy, I guess it all money though. it’s definitely worth bringing a rod it’s something to do!
  7. Heres a few more pics of the baby tarpon. I found a different pond with some even smaller ones too.IMG_2066.MOV
  8. Sounds awesome I’ll have to try to get on one! I’m trying to refill my fly box from the recent losses.
  9. I’ve yet to try live bait so that might be a sticking point. I brought a paddle board so I’ll try to sneak out on some flats in search of some bones!
  10. @Midnightpass Thanks they fight crazy hard! I've yet to encounter a snook any pointers?
  11. Ok, here’s the update so far. I caught one horse eye jack on spinning gear and broke off a at least 60 pound dock tarpon using bait. and I found a salt pond near where im staying loaded with smaller tarpon! They are crazy picky and im having to make flies here to match the hatch. So far ive caught 2 smaller ones and i jumped a few more. I also broke off two bigger ones right at my feet. They aren’t as pick when it comes to spinning lures though. on spinning
  12. Hi guys, I’m going back to Saint Martin. This time for a month and a half so im bringing some real gear. Im bringing a stand up inflatable paddle board, two travel rods one for surfcasting and another light tackle rod, a fly rod and two spinning reels. For spinning lures im bringing a bunch of bucktails, tons of metals, vudu shrimp lures, yozuri crystal shrimp, some walk the dog style topwaters, lots of soft plastics both rigged and unrigged and some jig heads for the plastics. For flies im bringing lots of shrimp patterns and some small baitfish patterns. Is there anything im missing??? Thanks
  13. I bought some online and put one in with no problems. Thanks
  14. Ok thanks!
  15. Hi, does anyone know where I could buy a flat nut retainer washer for my vs 150. Thanks