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  1. Some new bunker flies
  2. I got the rod and it seems totally fine. So far the biggest fish on the rod has been a 35 inch striper, which handled the fish pretty good. For what it’s worth I will probably buy a 12wt in the future. I understand not wanting to support China but I’m on a limited budget so I don’t have much choice in rod company. Thanks and tight lines!
  3. Looking for a vm150 handle,can be used. Thanks
  4. This is my first striper over twenty four. I got it off a large bunker pod. I got a few other follows from bigger fish but this is the only one I could get to eat. 37 inches and it was quickly released This is my first year fly fishing for stripers so I was pretty surprised to get one. Tight lines!
  5. I just ordered the 10 wt and I’ll give a update once I get it. If worst comes to worst I lost 60 dollars which isn’t much to lose for a fly rod considering most 10wt are well over 100 dollars.
  6. I lost a couple of albies today, but my friend got 3 in and in the stomach’s there were very large squids, anyway does anyone use squid flies for albies? Thanks
  7. I’ve been used slinky fiber since it’s stiffer than EP fibers so it sheds water much easier. I do the almost all the fly as a hollow fly except the first two tie in’s. The length is around 8 inches and I usually buy the material on Amazon. Tight lines!
  8. Tying up some bigger flies This one is on a 8/0 hook
  9. I completely forgot about that forum. Thanks for reminding me!
  10. Tying up some bigger flies.
  11. I copied @drew c. Using the hollow method to tie in the bucktail. Hopefully it works for some albies.
  12. I might have to tie up some french fry flies!
  13. I’m going to Saint Martin this January and I was wondering is anyone has tried to fish the beaches. also if anyone knows what type of fish are around the island. Thanks
  14. Tied this popper today. I forgot to match the colors but hopefully it’ll work.