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  1. Ram is it's own company (brand?), just like Jeep.
  2. Well, I completely forgot it was December and posted this in November's thread, but I'll post it here too. It's been SLLLLLOOOWWWWW. My son and I caught a ribbon fish earlier in the week. First one for us. Other than that, I caught an oyster toad fish. Only fish in weeks, maybe even a month. March can't come soon enough.
  3. Are you looking for a pedal or paddle rig?
  4. I use a Dremel with a large diameter (2" maybe?) thin cut off wheel. Go slow and work your way around.
  5. Interested in this as well, we're heading to Cape Coral in January.
  6. Lesner bridge in Virginia Beach.
  7. My son and I caught about 50 sea bass and 1 flounder today. All really small, no keepers.
  8. Greens can't be sold in VA, and blue crab season ends next month. Blues are also really expensive and in my experience, don't work great. Fiddlers have been non existent here since late October. I'd be interested in learning more about catching green crabs. Are they active in the colder months?
  9. Nothing but wind and cold weather here. Jigged for hours on Friday without a single bite.
  10. Long shot, but you wouldn't have any interest in a lefty tekota 501hg would you? Plus cash on my end.
  11. I either anchor with a stake (shallow) or tie off to something. If I can't do those, I just go with the flow. Anchoring to the ground in current is way too risky for me.