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  1. Good stuff! We're looking at going down this winter. Going to drive and bring our own stuff with us. I hate driving, but it is what it is.
  2. Not my video, and not something I've personally done, but hopefully this helps .
  3. I had a spool of 25lb big game cost me a few fish this summer. Same knots, same line, same hooks that I've used 1000 times, but I could break it with my hands with minimal force. There's a date/batch code on the spool, I bought a different spool and it was fine. Just a bad batch I guess.
  4. I use a Garmin 4. The newer one, with down scan. Does everything I need. Light and small.
  5. This is the answer. I tend to use Cal's on everything, because I have a pound of it. I've used a dozen other lubes over the years, nothing works any better or any worse. Water contamination is the only real issue with fishing reels, and no lube that I've used lasts noticably longer than another.
  6. One day I'll try one. This one was way bigger than the ones we normally see, I wish one of my kids caught it, maybe next time.
  7. Anything could be done with enough money, but it would probably be a huge project, swapping ecu's and wiring harnesses. Ram doesn't offer the Aisin transmission in the 2500 trucks, only the high output 3500s, so it wouldn't be plug and play.
  8. Poor decisions have been their weak link. A better transmission has always been available, but they cripple their vehicles with crappy options. Even to this day, they Aisin is a fantastic transmission, but you can only get it in a high output 3500. Makes no sense.
  9. Obviously a truck catching fire is a cause for concern, but to clear up any confusion: 1. Allison doesn't make engines, the effected trucks have a 6.7L Cummins 2. Allison transmissions aren't the issue, it's the 68rfe transmissions, I don't think ram even offers a truck with an Allison 3. Ram says the trucks can still be driven, but to watch out for a warning light
  10. I didn't say you should sharpen it to a different angle. I said the *number* of the angle doesn't matter. The majority of the time, you just need to match the angle that the knife came with. That being said, and angle being plus or minus 3° will not have a significant impact on how the knife cuts, as long as the blade is properly apexed and deburred. I've been sharpening knives and tools for the better part of 20 years. I don't need Google to tell me the "correct" sharpening angle.
  11. The number of the angle is irrelevant, and there's no set number based on where the knife was made.
  12. They're getting bigger. 26" striper caught on a massive mullet today.
  13. 8.5" toadie will catch your attention quick while fishing for pinfish lol
  14. Hero 11 was a complete let down for me. Ended up returning it for another Hero 10. The biggest letdown was the lack of h.264 encoding. H.265 is a complete pain in the butt to edit. It's typical GoPro. New camera, higher resolution that no one needs. Remove useful features. Don't fix the overheating issues......
  15. Convert one of the bed rooms into a fishing room and sleep in the living room. Realize that you need more room than just one bedroom for fishing gear and also use half of the living room. Disclaimer - Only works if half of the fishing gear is your wife's gear.