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  1. I agree on the musky. I was thinking more for tarpon and such in Florida.
  2. I have been using a 40-200 variable. Seems to dry well at 40.
  3. Thanks! Is your 500 the PG or HG? The PG sounded like a good option while I had a second rod set up with the 400HG. With only 1 reel, the HG probably would have been a better option.
  4. Long story short, 2020 blows. I have a tranx 401hg and 500pg. Neither have been used and the end of the year is getting a little tight. (No this is not a for sale post). I've always reeled lefty, but was going to switch to right, so that's not a huge concern. I've owned other 300s and 400s and they have always treated me well. I fish for striper and drum mostly, with the occasional musky trip, though hopefully I will be making it south for some bigger fish, possibly moving to Florida next year. Would you stick with the 401 or move to the 500? Obviously the 500 is a better reel and I have a nice rod that it could go on, but it's looking like I'm only keeping one.
  5. I don't fish topwater much, so I can't say on that. For my style of fishing, I don't think I could ever go back to a short rod. The ICBM is crazy light, under 6 oz I think. It handles like a 7' MH rod, but has the backbone of an XH when its needed, though I wouldn't rely on it to set huge hooks like found on big jigs and frogs. I use it for treble hook baits.
  6. Largemouth, pike and musky. I also use it for striper.
  7. Yes. My most used freshwater rod is a megabass ICBM. It's pretty much replaced everything else. It's rated 3/8-3oz, and it's accurate.
  8. All of my rods are 8'10 to 9'4. They all have long handles, so that offsets the length a bit.
  9. My wife has been hounding me about replacing her jig rod with something with a longer grip. The rod is well used and I had a piece of a blank and some cork from a rod I'm building, so I figured I'd see what I could cobble together. Pretty pleased, we'll see how it works tomorrow. I went pretty heavy on the epoxy, the original cork was getting pretty dried out, hopefully it holds it together for a bit longer.
  10. Sufix 832, and I couldn't agree more.
  11. I'm not even sure, honestly. We made them a second time and kept the temp around 325 and they came out better.
  12. No worries. I'll list stuff elsewhere.
  13. Sold locally to a friend, not on the forum.
  14. Lightly used reel with 80lb is sold.