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  1. Thanks for the responses. I definitely have quite a few "traditionally big fish spots" I guess my issue is narrowing the list down to focus on 3-4. Anecdotally it seems I read most of the 40 to 50# class seem to come out of the surf or rocky areas, I feel I don't hear of real size coming out of the jetties/breachways. I was hoping to see what others leaned towards to help narrow my list of spots down.
  2. I'm in SOCO, Not looking to spot burn but would it be productive to hit the rocky beach areas and breach ways yet? Spent a few evenings last week at some normally productive spots and didn't get a hit any of the nights.
  3. I have only used the 1 1/2 oz ones with a 9" black Sluggo. I haven't tried a lot with them in the surf yet; however, I fish a local river in CT frequently. Certain nights I will have something hit almost every cast. I haven't tried bouncing off the bottom yet. I literally cast; pretty much as soon as it hits the water, start a somewhat slow straight retrieve, and they get slammed.
  4. I will say that I found a black 9-inch Sluggo on a pt Jude wobble head to be absolutely deadly this past season.
  5. Get a ST Croix, I just snapped one in 3 places, 50 dollar shipping fee, and I had a new one shipped out no questions asked.
  6. I have been amazed by Saltwaters Edge. I placed an order late one night and had it a day later I was in shock.
  7. I don't personally but a buddy I go with swears by them.
  8. RIP Bill, I have heard great things about his plugs.
  9. I have seen a few seals the past few weeks out front down south.
  10. Still getting a few mid 20-inch stripers here and there on the beaches.
  11. Are there any taller guys with input on this? I am 6 foot 5 with long arms. For winter Jackets I can really only make a few manufacturers "large tall" jackets work. I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on a stormr due to this.
  12. The jeep forum guys swear by Krown. I have it applied and it seemed to stay on all last year. I will be buying a few cans next week and re applying.
  13. Is it still worth it to be hitting the beaches? This is my first year, I have had an amazing amount of success for being a beginner. However the last few days I have only seen a few rats and not much else.
  14. Are those allowed in RI? Very Cool.
  15. Mojo Surf
  16. I have had some luck with a few keepers in a southeastern CT river the last few nights still.
  17. These are my exact go to's.
  18. I have had really great success with a 9" Black Sluggo with a Pt Jude Wobble head at night. It almost feels like cheating some nights.
  19. Are you using a leader? Can't say I have ever had the issue.
  20. Wow, those pictures are pretty unsettling. Was that being reeled underwater?
  21. I use a St Croix Mojo Surf with a 6k Saragosa and think it is the perfect combo.