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  1. I am selling a brand new never been worn set of Korker Terror Ridge size 12 with the Felt and Rubber Soles. 160 Plus shipping.
  2. You call people jerkoffs after they tell you exactly what type of conditions to expect? I hope you do stick to Quonnie with the rest of the tourists and leave everyone else alone.
  3. How are the arm lengths ? For reference I wear a 36 inch length pant but my arms are a bit longer then normal for my height. I always run into sleeves not being long enough.
  4. Any taller guys have suggestions on surf tops ? I’m 6 foot 5 with long arms. I was looking at guy Cotten and stormr but they don’t seem to have a tall size. What are the taller guys using to stay dry ?
  5. BG is the answer.
  6. Thanks for clarifying, which option would you say is best for jetties and slick rock ? I have a set of kold kutters from the past. Trying to figure out if I will need to add them to any of these soles, my only experience has been with the sandal type korkers.
  7. Are you adding those studs to the soles ? What am I looking at here ?
  8. I would definitely wear at least the studs, my question is are the standard studded soles that come with the new korkers enough for jetties or would i need to add some studs to be safe.
  9. I’ve used the traditional korker sandals with success on slippery jetties. Are the standard grip stud soles that come with something like the korker terror ridge enough for some of the jetties in the north east ? Or would it make sense to screw in some extra studs into the swappable soles ?
  10. Unfortunately not.
  11. If anything they might be slightly larger. I wear a 13 in sneakers and other shoes. I wear these with neoprene socks or waders and they fit comfortably.
  12. I am looking to sell my size 13 Simms FreeSalt Boots and set of Korkers. I got these this year, I used these for roughly 5 trips. I have found the type of fishing I am doing I don't end up using these too much and its time to get rid of them. I have the bag of extra studs as well I can throw in if interested. $200.00 for everything, I live in CT but can ship if you pay for shipping.
  13. I appreciate all the replies. I guess what still gets me is every “YouTuber” I watch seems to either crank the hell out of the reel or reel moderately fast. I’ve yet to ever see one reeling as slow as people are describing on here.
  14. I appreciate all the responses. I have some new techniques to try this week. I definitely think I’ve been reeling too fast after some of these responses.