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  1. Like @DeeMonee said, I got there at high tide, probably about 1.5 hours before sunrise. Caught 2 quickly after getting there right in the wash in the 18-20" size on a magdarter and then nothing after that. Always nice to see a familiar face and gain some insight into how factors like the wind change things...
  2. Outfront in moco last night for the outgoing tide from 11:30 To 2:30am. Northeast wind with a north to south sweep. Decent chop with some white water but cabbage wasn't an issue. Like others have said, the water definitly feels warmer. It was overcast, but not nearly as dark as I thought It would be. Caught 24" striper on a magdarter and a 20" blue on a wooden darter. Dropped another in the lip on a sp minnow that felt decent.
  3. Out front moco this morning. An hour before sunrise to an hour afterward. Got there just before high tide. Light west wind, decent chop with some whitewater. No cabbage, but like others have reported, the structure that was there before last weeks storm seemed to be filled in for the most part. I threw most of the things I have confidence in and got nothing. A little while before it was time to head home I decided to throw some things I dont typically use just to get some practice. Took out a topwater popper and made 10 casts or so, then switched to a midnight black 5.5" surfster i built from a kit for night time excursions....second cast it got crushed by a 27" bluefish..proof they'll go after anything. Fun fight....went home happy!
  4. Went outfront in moco just after midnight this morning for a couple hours to catch the outgoing tide.....thats all I caught Started out with a north wind that switched to west. Big surf with plenty of whitewater. No cabbage and it looked really good (imho) but didn't get any taps. It was still cool to be out and see how high up the beach the tide got. Thank you to all who are or have served our country on this memorial day!
  5. Moco, out front last night from 10:30pm to midnight. Northwest wind high tide to outgoing. Good conditions with plenty of whitewater and no cabbage. Big full moon in a clear sky which made it pretty light out. Very slow fishing. Picked up one short on an sp minnow right at the lip.
  6. Outfront moco last night from 11pm to 12:30am. South wind, pretty much full moon and outgoing tide. Still lots of seaweed in the surf. Had to clean off the lure every other cast or so. Flew the skunk flag on the drive home.
  7. Moco from 3am to 8am this morning. Got there a little before hightide. Alot more whitewater than I've seen lately and tons of cabbage like @nam1969mentioned.....having to remove softball size clumps from my lure before sunrise got old fast, so i moved away from it, but they were not interested for the most part. Managed to pick up one short in the lip right before it was time to leave. Big thanks to Nam1969 for a lesson on reading the surf, scouting beaches, and some great info on how things have changed over the years.
  8. @nam1969 @DeeMonee ouch....feel like I just watched someone get hit by a bus.
  9. Moco out front from 2am to 6am this morning. Outgoing tide with west wind. Things were slow for a while, but ended up catching 2 in the 20" to 24" range with an sp minnow. Ended up seeing a shooting star, a great sunrise and @DeeMonee. Good way to start the day.
  10. The kiddies went to sleep easily last night so I got to sneak off for the high tide last night. Moco 10pm to 1230am. High tide, slight west wind, clear sky. The surf was still pretty calm. I got rewarded with 4 between 20-24" and dropped a few others that felt like they were about the same size. Black bomber long a was the ticket again. I've read and heard people talk about how much more productive things can be at night and it was fun to experience it!
  11. Outfront in moco this morning from a half hour before sunrise to 2 hours after. Incoming tide, very calm surf, blue skies and not much of a breeze. Caught one lil striper before sunrise and a fluke about an hour and a half after the great sunrise. Both on a white paddletail.
  12. Managed to sneak out last night from 10 to midnight to see what this new moon stuff is about...happy I did. Caught my first night fish. Moco out front, light west wind, top of the outgoing tide. Some white water and small rollers in the surf. Managed to catch two and dropped a third in the wash. One on a black bomber long a and the other on a white paddletail. Both were about 20" which Is better than average for me.
  13. Outfront moco this morning from 6-730. Right around High tide with some rollers coming in but not much white water. Calm breeze and overcast. A couple guys caught some shad and saw one fluke picked up.....skunko for me. Looked good, but they just wouldn't cooperate.
  14. Moco this morning at sunrise for a couple hours. It was dead low tide and I was shocked how low it was....im guessing the strong west winds helped with that. I had no action for the first hour and a half, but once the tide came in I was able to catch a handful in a 20 minute burst. Largest was about 18". All were caught on a teaser or white paddletail. It was nice to be out there with the tide out that far. I could easily see why some areas produce more fish than others.
  15. I saw it happen. That poor swimmer didn't have a chance. Nice to meet you!