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  1. Made it out last night in moco just before high tide and stayed for a couple hours. 1030 to 1am. When I got there the breeze was out of the South west and by the time I left it moved all the way around around to be out of the north west. Calm seas with a clear sky. A little bit of seaweed around, but nothing discouraging. Lots and lots of bugs in the wash that birds were having fun with. If I was a smarter man I would have rigged a few up that got speared by my plugs in the wash.....bugs, not birds I thought it was going to be a banner night because i Caught a nice 28-30" striper early, but only managed to get one hit after that.
  2. Out last night in moco for low tide and the first couple hours of the incoming. 1-2 foot surf, steady ENE wind and a strong north to south sweep compared to normal. I couldn’t get many things out there far enough to get in good water, not drag the bottom, and not get swept in. Spent most of the time with a bucktail, Hopkins shorty, or glider. Avoided the skunk with a healthy looking 20” striper that went for the glider.
  3. Outfront in moco this morning from 630 to 830 for incoming to high tide. Foggy with a hint of breeze from the east. Steady 2-4 footers rolling in and great white water. spent most of the morning throwing bucktails, but ended up catching a 30” bluefish on a Westin glidebait. Personal best for me from the surf. Nice way to start the weekend!
  4. Moco last Night from 11-1. Low tide to incoming with plenty of white water. Waves were in the 2-3 range with a north to south sweep. A little more cabbage than normal, but not bad at all. Steady wind out of the NE. Picked up a 22” bluefish on a 1oz bucktail. I was hoping I’d see some changes to the beach after the last storm, but I didn’t see anything drastic.
  5. Naa. Just me and the voices in my head
  6. Out front moco last night for high tide to outgoing from 10:30 to 12:30. Breeze out of the south and very calm surf. Lost one at the lip that felt like it was a decent size and had one other good hit on sp minnows.
  7. There are a few stations listed on some of the pure gas ethanol free websites in nj and many in ny and pa. Not sure if the ones in nj still exist, but if you cross the border you should be able to find a place.
  8. Out front last night for the outgoing. Nice dark sky with a steady ssw breeze. Calm seas with not much whitewater. Lost two that felt decent…..at least I know there were fish there.
  9. Out front last night from 10pm to 1 am. Incoming tide, NNW breeze and calm seas. I thought I was going to add to the skunk count, but hooked a skygazer on a bucktail right before I was going to pack it in. this was my first time out this season….hope to make it out with more frequency before they all head north.
  10. Thanks! I took some out to swim with mixed results….gotta do some tweaking to get a better understanding of what makes em swim right…..I should have it all figured out in 20 or 30 years.
  11. Thanks! Looking forward to getting them in the water, taking notes and then making adjustments to get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t……and also catching fish
  12. Here’s my first set of plugs. They’re not as breathtaking as some of the ones some of you guys are turning out, but I’m happy with the outcome and looking forward to seeing how they swim. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the information and pictures they’ve shared here. It has all helped me get going pretty quickly with this and I’m having a ton of fun making sawdust!
  13. I’ve only been surfcasting a couple years and just started playing with a lathe this winter, but I’ve had good success using a steel sleeve and different size bolts that fit in it. The small one shown is 6 grams and the longer one is 14 grams. These are about 3/8”wide. By using different size bolts (or washers to change the depth) you can get things pretty dialed in. I pour using a hotpot 4-20 and use a pair of pliers to hold the head of the bolt when I’m pouring….I wouldn’t want to make 500 doing this, but 20-50 take no time at all. Hope this helps
  14. Made it out this evening in moco from 6 to 9pm. Beginning of the outgoing tide, calm seas, and a slight breeze out of the East. Foggy with rain from time to time, but it was warm enough so it was comfortable. I caught one at about 25" with a small surfster up against a jetty and had a few other hits.
  15. I haven't had much time to get out over the last month, but I made it out this morning from about 4:30 to 7:30. Out front moco for high tide. Dark overcast sky, calm surf, and very still air for most of the session. At sunrise, the breeze picked up out of the sw and the surf started to get a little choppy, but nothing crazy. I caught 3 in the 20" range before sunrise. Two on a 5" mag darter and one on a small surfster. Great way for me to end the year! Big thanks to SOL and everyone that's posted thru the year. I've learned a ton from this site and doubt I'd be surfcasting if it wasn't around. Happy New Year!