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  1. Thanks for the input & sorry I could not acknowledge/respond sooner but had work, need to do that to buy fishing equipment lol. I am not looking to break the bank but want something dependable & reliable. I usually am fishing with bait & using a spinning reel if that helps. I have a few jogging rods for stripers so looking more for a bait rod & yes, I also use live bait. Thanks for the input from all of you, it’s much appreciated & I know going forward to not post anything unless I can sit there & answer back right away. Lesson learned
  2. I am looking for some opinions on a new surf fishing rod. There are so many options along with major price differences. Looking to add another rod to my collection & am seeking input on the St Croix, Penn squadron III, Penn Battalion II, Black Hole, (too many to list) etc.... I am not looking to break the bank, as I said, just looking to add to my collection & open for any suggestions/input you may have. TIA for any info you share.