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  1. I am exactly that, a month ago, I had just a few jobs on the books, I'm now booked well into June with more estimates out than I can handle.
  2. Had it made for me!!
  3. Any chance you get out to Long Island at all??
  4. Thanks guys... will do. Sorry TimS will correct asap
  5. sorry, would cost a bit to ship. these are hard covered books. If you send me your zip, i can tell you how much it would cost to ship.
  6. I’m good on plugs thanks.
  7. This is a 9 book series type collection. North American Fishing Club - Like new condition, I’m not a freshwater guy. Lots of illustrations, strategies and information in them. Great for a youngster that wants to learn. There’s actually some good recipes in the ‘members best recipes’ book!! $20 + Shippjng or I’ll trade for some 1oz Bucktails.
  8. I'll shoot you PayPal when I get home. thanks
  9. willing to ship the pants... i'll take them for 150 shipped
  10. Using a SOT yak is a tough task in this area (Shinnecock bay). It's relatively close to the inlet, so the tides really move through. There have been times when I got caught with my Mirage having a hard time getting up tide. But it's a great place to fish. Summer produces large fluke and bass around the bridge in the fall. I fish this area very often, if I plan to get out in the next week or so, I'll hit you up in advance.
  11. i would like to see more pics... bottom,etc. what seat is in this? Question: why you selling it?
  12. Crawl feature will not allow you to sink or 'dig' deep at all in the sand. Each tire is controlled not to spin, which causes you to sink. And yes my truck also has a transmission cooler. Best truck i've ever owned.
  13. I have a single hitch on the front for my rack, i have 2 bolts on both sides of the receiver that keep the rack from wobble or bouncing.
  14. Love My Tacoma, it's great on the beach, and the crawl feature is the best. At one of my beaches i only drive 40 yards on the sand, I don't air down and let the crawl feature do its thing. it only travels 3 mph but who cares, Done it 50+ times and never ever even got close to being buried.