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  1. Do you think 50 would be overkill for my setup since it’s a semi lighter surf setup?
  2. Also I was just wondering if 50lb leader would be overkill for a semi light setup 9’ carbon surf and 4500 penn
  3. I’m targeting stripers
  4. I’m torn on whether to use a 40 or 50 lb leader on a setup that isn’t very heavy more like a medium-light surf setup being the lamiglas carbon surf 9’ 1/2-3 oz and penn slammer 4500. Photo below is similar conditions to where i will be fishing mostly.
  5. Does the mono backing pound test matter or would 10 lb mono be a fine backing for 30 lb braid
  6. On the slammers it has rubber around the spool, would this mean you don’t need a mono backing when spoiling braid or do you still need one?
  7. Also on the 4500 with a 9’ rod what would u guys line setup be was thinking 30 lb braid with 40-50 lb flouro leader. I fish off rocks mostly so wasn’t sure what pound leader would be best.
  8. I got the heavier rod cause I wanted to throw 2.5 oz plugs and other 2oz plugs
  9. Oops the carbon surf is 1/2 - 3 oz medium power I just ordered the 4500
  10. 250 yards enough from fishing from the surf? And the higher 6:2:1 ratio?
  11. Anyone pre ordered the gosa from jandh?
  12. Was wondering what size penn slammer iii to go with 9’ lamiglas carbon surf Thabks
  13. On an improved clinch knot how many wraps would you do for 50lb flouro?
  14. No