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  1. My lamiglas gsb has a hairline crack in one of the guides and the top guide is slightly chipper aswell, is there any places in Massachusetts or around here that could replace these guides or could I talk to lamiglas somehow and get new guides? Thanks
  2. Ya I called Salem police as well but they said to call Beverly police idk tbh I called a lot of people in the area.
  3. I accidentally left a Grundens waterproof bag with gear in it, lures, danco titanium pliers and some other stuff at the kernwood boat ramp in Beverly, Ma. I presume someone took it because when went back to look for it, it was gone. I have also contacted the Beverly police to see if they had it. Would anyone keep an eye out or seen this bag anywhere In the area? Thanks
  4. North shore Massachusetts, nahant Marblehead area
  5. Probably around 300 but I have heard some good things about the odm genesis and that is around 400
  6. Ya I did I just saw a lot of comments regarding the tfo rods and others and didn’t see anything on the carbon surf so just wanted to see if anyone had feedback on the carbon surf
  7. Was looking at a 11’ plugging rod for the canal paired with possibly a 8k Saragossa. I have a 9’ carbon surf that I like would the 11’ 1-5 oz be a good plugging rod? Any suggestions appreciated thanks
  8. Want to sell lamiglas carbon surf 9’ 1/2-3 oz only used a few times, great condition small scratch on the ceramic inside the top guide shown in last picture. 170 shipped.
  9. I know these lures are discontinued but if anyone has a few extras i would like to buy the 155 floating, and/or 114 sinking or suspending versions. Thanks
  10. ianroddie


    I have a ta clip on I’m just wondering about the knot to ta
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