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  1. I’ll take the middle lure. Bone color.
  2. I’ll offer you $30, respectfully.
  3. I’ll take if for $80 shipped. That work?
  4. How about some scallops?
  5. I’ll take the yellow Habs with the yellow tail if it’s still available?
  6. I love this post, big fan. One thing to remember is that it’s not just about fishing, it’s everything that we purchase. Who are we supporting and why, to save a buck? Deliver it overnight? Unlimited selection? My goal this year is to buy as much locally as I can.
  7. If they are still available, I’ll offer $80 shipped. Thanks.
  8. I’ll take the pearl and the all yellow, $48 with shipping?
  9. I’ll take the black lure, red and white and yellow please. $45 correct? I’m good with that.
  10. I started using a TA clip for teasers and did not have any specific issues. I did wonder if the clip could nick the main leader line but I never found that to be the case. Anyone else?
  11. I have not, I’ve tried various types of strips and don’t feel like I love any of them. I love fishing bucktails but am usually torn on if I should have a strip on them or not. Either way, I’m glad you restarted this thread and hope to see some responses.
  12. I fish a 9 foot Mojo, it’s done really well for me but I think I’m going to upgrade this year to a 10 footer and want one with a bit more action. But honestly, I have nothing bad to say about the experience I had with it.
  13. I used the FishAHolic swim shad, mostly the 1 oz jig head, pretty successfully this year. With that said, I don’t feel like I use these type of lures nearly enough. I feel like I need to spend more time with them next year.
  14. I’ll chime in here as a newbie also, been surf casting for 3 seasons now and at first I was using a fly fishing sling also. I bought a shimano bag with 10 tubes which I thought was great. Until I realized it was too heavy to lug around full for a season of long days/nights of fishing. So this season I bought another bag that only has 5 tubes and right now I’m looking again for a bag because this one isn’t just right either. The point of my babbling here is that I do plan on investing in a really nice surf bag as soon as I figure out what works best for me, and I obviously am not there yet. I would recommend trying a couple and figure out exactly what you want to carry and then go from there. I’m glad I didn’t spend $300 on my first real surf bag because i probably would have bought a really big and heavy one and it would be sitting in my garage storing lures and not in the surf with me and a lighter one. I’m actually thinking about trying to add tubes to a fishing vest that I have and see if that is a better solution than a bag. We will see.