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  1. I like the over the fence style. I now live in a townhouse. Might try to make a pvc hang on that can be removed! Nice idea, thx Mojoe!
  2. LOL! I'm already doing sketches! Post some pic of what you come up with... or maybe even a How To Gear Drying Rack post...
  3. I'm off to HD this weekend! Thx for the great idea.
  4. As per USPS the good news is as long as there is a scan it's not lost. It's still moving through the system. Hang in there it will make it.
  5. Great post! My son played travel ice hockey for years. We made a few drying racks out of PVC tubing and connectors for all his gear, helmets, stakes, pants, shoulder pads, shin pages, etc. We also made a couple that would broke down to take with us to use in hotel rooms for weekend tourneys. I'm sure with a little thought you could figure out a configuration that works for your gear. 1.5" PVC a bunch of elbows and tees....done. Do a quick search for DIY Hockey Equipment Drying Racks...
  6. Yeah, my reel is on the way back as well. Penn preformed the service and got it back in the mail within a day! 4 weeks in the mail to get there. 1 day at Penn for service! Wonder how long it will take to get back to NY.
  7. I just wanted to give a shout-out for excellent customer service by Penn and one of their reel techs, Will W. I'm a newbie here, trying to use some old gear for weekend warrior type surfcasting. I've had a number of calls and emails regarding a repair and service on a 15+year old Penn 550SSG. My reel got held up with USPS. Will checked in numerous times regarding the status of the package. It finally arrived yesterday, after 4 weeks in the mail. The reel has been serviced, some inner parts replaced and is on it's way back. With a 1 year warranty on parts. Can't beat that! A big thanks too Penn and Will W for stellar customer service beyond all expectations.
  8. UPDATE!!!! My reel made it to Penn today. I have to give a shout out to Will one of the techs in the repair department there. He's been beyond great! He must have followed up 3-4 times by email to check in on the status of delivery. Now, I only hope it doesn't take another 4 weeks to ship back once it's repaired!
  9. I recently watch a John Skinner video on rod selection and grips. He mentioned on one of his favorite rods he electrical tapes over the cork grip. I believe he also tapes the reel to the rod. Just want to see what you guys prefer, any why.
  10. Good post. Great info, thx!
  11. WTS, Used but excellent condition table top fly tying bench. Oak with laminate base, tool storage slots and hooks, magnetic strip, thread holders, vise arm. Everything organized and at your fingertips for tying. Asking $60. plus shipping. PM me for more info if needed.
  12. I think I see my package!!!!!!
  13. Yeah, One ping from 12/25 had it in Missouri! It can get to Missouri but not to the destination in PA!
  14. Just getting back into surfcasting and on a shoe string budget. Recently moved to Long Island. Dug out a bunch of good but older equipment I had. Sent my Penn 550SSG back to Penn for service on 12/19 USPS. What could go wrong...right. Well as of 1/8 it still has not gotten there yet! Last ping it's was in a Philly Distribution Center and in route to the next facility. I could have walked to Penn in PA by now. I keep getting txts that it's in transit and will arrive late. No s#$%! Hope it makes it I'm pushing 3 weeks now!
  15. Roxie, 4.5 year old, 85 pound Labradoodle. Never got the memo that Labradoodles are not supposed to shed!