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  1. Any of you guys use one of those stiff, 2” wide dive weight belts for the surf? If so what do you use and how do you like them? I’m more of a weekend warrior surfcaster and on a bit of a tight budget these days. Thx in advance for your feed back.
  2. I’ve been looking for those 2 damn rocks in the Skinner videos all season!
  3. That's it. Thx for posting. I also miss spoke in my response. John ties the loop to the back eye of the swivel, not the front.
  4. I recently watched a John Skinner video where he uses a simple overhand loop about 2-3 inches long on a 6inch leader tied to a teaser. He looped the overhand loop through the top eye (the eye tied to the leader) of his swivel and passes the teaser back through the loop making a loop to loop connection of overhand loop to swivel eye. I tried it with 30# leader and it worked great. The loop held the teaser leader away from the main leader. No tangles at all. And you are able to make quick changes of teasers. I pre-tie a number of different teasers and keep them in a small streamer wallet. Works great!
  5. I started to doing some research into neighboring areas and beaches to my current spot. Started talk to a few other fisherman that have been very helpful with some intel. Doing some google map research to find parking areas and 4 wheel access. Now it’s time to get out and get boots on the ground recon at low tides. A few weeks ago I started a post about scouting new spots. Got some good info: scout for access and parking, scout a extreme low tides - new moon, full moon, take pictures of areas and compile notes. Also going to start a fishing log this season. As a Bowhunter I would start scouting right at the end of the previous season.
  6. Wow, I put away all my gear! This post really makes me want to get out and hit the beach and give it a go again to see what might be holding over!
  7. I was fishing some moving water so I let the egg and fly swing with the current then I used a very slow retrieve with a short stop and twitch. When I fly fish I like to do a strip, strip, stop… strip, strip, stop action on the fly. I tried to simulate that same type of action.
  8. Being a transplanted fly fisherman I started fishing with a 2oz casting egg a 2ft leader and some of my saltwater flies. Took my last fish of the season on a orange and yellow deceiver with a black back.
  9. I’m in! Thanks for the opportunity. Happy New Years all!
  10. Hey Gents, Question regarding Long Island striper season. I understand the season for stripers closed Dec 15th. I'm hearing mixed things from some guys that are still fishing. 1. You can still catch stripers but just not keep them beyond 12/15. 2. You can't target striper but have to release it if you catch it after 12/15. 3. Bluefish are in season all year. So, I want to abide by any regulations in my area. Am I aloud to fish and hopefully catch a schoolie striper or 2 after 12/15? I'm hearing there might be a few still around. Any advise on the would be greatly appreciated. Have a great New Years boys. Tight lines for 2022 all!
  11. The matching fish gripper is in development - $1800.
  12. 27conch has it right. My last fish of this season was caught on a white, 2oz casting egg and a small yellow, red and black deceiver about 2.5 inches long. The striper took the fly within 10 feet of my rod tip. The 2oz egg helps get those smaller flys out there a good distance. Bigger fly will have way too much wind resistance.
  13. Yo-Zuri Hydro Minnow 6” 1 1/4 oz Diawa SP Minnow 6” 1 1/9oz For all you guys that use both what are the differences in depth, action, casting distance and profile of the SP Minnow and the Hydro Minnows. Also, which do you prefer for open beach and/or back bay. Do you suggest having both in the arsenal?
  14. As a old school traditional bowhunter, I used to start scouting new spots right after the archery season ended. I'd scout from seasons end into the spring when I would switch to fly fishing. In the late winter I'd also go to some of my favorite trout streams with a homemade sieve and kick over some rocks and see what nymphs were there. It helped me identify the different hatches I could expect on my different home waters. So, I'm pretty new to the game of surfcasting and hoping to expand my territory here on Long Island bit. Do any of you guys walk the beach at low tide in the winter months and look for spots and structure. If I find some good points, bars, troughs, etc, can I really expect that same structure to be there comes the spring? Would a good blow or nor'easter change everything? I've viewed a couple areas I'm interested in pursuing next year on Google Earth. But to me there is nothing like boots on the ground. What do you all say?
  15. How much do they weigh? It looks like they have some type of weight transfer to help casting distance. The olive looks really nice.