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  1. I'd be looking at a 9wt or 10wt. It'll be better to cast it in the wind, strong enough for any of those fish, but not like a broomstick either. In the nicest possible way, I can't really imagine building my own if just starting out. Reel: Anything that's big enough to hold backing and the line you're looking at. You'll want a 7 or larger for sure. Something with a cork drag or sealed drag would be a better option in the salt although I'm not sure what's available for under $200. Line: It depends. You've basically got things that float or things that sink. I use a full intermediate (sinks) to get down to where the fish are and it's easier to cast than a sink tip. The intermediate sinks slowly and you can fish a good amount of the water column. A floating line could be used for topwater stuff. Flies: For those fish, start with clousers and deceivers. They look like bait fish and work very well. They're readily available to buy and easy to tie if you're going that route. My saltwater fly box is packed with them and some surf candy that look like eels.
  2. For what type of use? If fishing at night, you'll definitely want a headlamp with a red light feature.
  3. There’s really not much hatching at this time so your best bet is nymphs or streamers IMO. For nymphs you can try pheasant tail, hares ear, perdigon, rainbow warriors, scuds, and midges. For streamers I usually throw a woolly bugger.
  4. I carry nothing extra. Plug bag, pliers, extra leaders, surf belt, boga grip, and my rod & reel. Gloves if it's cold... If I'm fly fishing I add in a stripping basket to the above stuff...
  5. I've got a barely used 2015 Saltiga 5000H that I'll be looking to unload. If you're interested shoot me a PM.
  6. Clousers and deceivers work well too.
  7. Here is what works for me: Top: Some sort of thin base layer (wicks away moisture) Merino wool sweater (also wicks away moisture and stays warm when wet) Guy Cotten Surf Top Bottom: Some sort of thin base layer (wicks away moisture) Orvis Underwader pants Merino wool socks (I'll put on a super thin SmartWool base layer sock under my main sock if it's super cold) Breathable waders I also have a Stormr jacket. I wear it when it's really cold in the winter, usually for ice fishing. I'll wear it wading too, but I don't like to get it wet because it gets heavy and waterlogged.
  8. It's 2021. Most people would rather watch a video than read a book or a column. I watch videos almost every night on all kinds of fishing related topics. Like you mention, some are good and some are bad. Although I haven't done it yet I would love to start a channel. It would be aimed at all different types of fishing topics and educating anglers that are just starting out as well as entertaining for the seasoned folks. Why? I like to be helpful. Why haven't I? It takes a lot of work to make a worthy video. Multiple cameras, good sound quality, hours of editing, etc. It's a huge time commitment that I just don't have right now.
  9. For the LMB, have you tried a texas rigged weightless Senko? In a shallowish pond there is no need to add the weight IMO. If not, grab a pack of 5" green pumpkin Senkos (with or without the chartreuse tail) and some 3/0 EWG hooks. Owner makes a nice one that has a little screw at the top that makes it very easy to rig up. Toss it out there and let is sink, then work it back nice and slow. In the same types of ponds here I'll get strikes the second it hits the water.
  10. Not pike specific, I'll usually go with darker patterns in that type of water. In my mind it's the same concept for night fishing, they'll see the darker silhouette easier in the dark.
  11. Same here! I just kinda happens...
  12. They are good, classic reels. I've got one handed down from my dad. Compared to newer stuff: they are small arbor, have a light drag, and are not sealed. For saltwater, I'd want a large arbor at the very least out of those three.
  13. I have the Sector 909 that I used for surf fishing in LIS for striper and blues, no complaints at all. It's light weight, fast action, sensitive, and accurate.
  14. PM sent
  15. Grab any vise to get started. I'm partial to Renzetti and I do use the rotary function a lot. When palmering or wrapping wire I find that it just makes things more consistent. You're looking to do a wide variety of hook sizes so make sure the head can handle that. I believe the Peak can do up to a 2/0, but not sure how small it goes. The Renzetti Traveler does 4/0 down to #28. As for books, I'd start with YouTube. Fly Fish Food has a lot of good and informative videos. As does The Fly Fiend, About Trout, and a bunch of others. Once you get to a point where you want to tie more specific styles you can grab a book that specializes in them if you feel it's necessary. I just grabbed a Game Changer book for example...