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  1. I shot great pool when smoked up.
  2. I think if you aren’t familiar with any process....it really won’t matter which you choose. I learned how to tig, & don’t know to stick or mig.
  3. Are you 15? They should’ve got nicer with practice.
  4. The genre is ruining the genre
  5. What made you pick this one over the 1000s to choose from?
  6. People suck
  7. I would rather watch Soul Plane 1/2 doz. times back to back than this horrendous movie. Worst movie EVER!
  8. Tans are ok...I like the white parts more
  9. I have an FI50 & don’t think I’ve ever set the parking brake on it
  10. Parking brake on my truck are drum inside the rotor. Same with the wife’s jeep
  11. What I find funny is the number of those that find these big girls revolting are aways here checking them out
  12. Just an observation. I’d hit it for sure
  13. And no hips
  14. Can’t argue that. But hardly a bigger girl.
  15. Would you prefer living somewhere that they just take you out back & out a bullet in your head if you’re presumed guilty? Let mob rule reign