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  1. Remember they do have until late Jan. to destroy the economy as much as possible. As soon as dimwit is sworn in & restrictions are lifted they will say look how quick the economy came back under Joe.
  2. That would depend on your view of grappling. I always prefer a fight go to the ground. Another thought is a smart fight don’t always make for an exciting fight.
  3. Think it was the place. In late 60s my dad took us to see speedway races in cherry hill. The track was a small oval & all you could smell was 2 stroke mix.
  4. Didn’t they have short track cycle races at the centrum?
  5. This guy must be a huge racist. He ain’t lookin nobody straight in the eye
  6. Went on a helmet protest run once. Really just went for the ride, didn’t really care, I rode sometimes without anyway.
  7. In the isle next to the rotary phones
  8. Pretty sure this will be the stupidest thing I’ll read for at least a week
  9. Plenty of fat chicks been posted in this thread...