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  1. MoCo, dusk bite, top of the tide into the outgoing, bite turned on- picked 3 and dropped two more, 20-24”. Felt water go from slack to ebb and the fish were there. One on black red gill teaser, other two on black/silver hydro minnow. Turned dark despite the bright moon’s efforts and the bite turned off. Would love to hit same pattern before dawn in a few hours, doubtful for me though.
  2. Saddened to see what beach replenishment looks like when it came to my town. I’ve had a blast learning to fish the last two seasons in my own backyard here on the famed 8th Ave jetty- now unrecognizably altered by an army of bulldozers and backhoes dredging sand from beyond and reconstructing what had been a brilliant and accessible spot. I understand that all landscapes change with time and with or without man’s interference, but this was just such a crucial slot for resident, visitor, newbie and experienced angler alike that it’s recent alteration warrants a post here in the New Jersey forum! I’d imagine most anglers on this regional forum have fished this jetty at least once in their lives, and just wanted to share the developments. Tight lines from Asbury Park.
  3. Checked out the surf out from MoCo around 5:00p, wind and water too rough. Scoped it out 3 hours later at 8p, winds way down and the surf not quite as savage as earlier- so I ask, with the tide going out could one be productive in the kind of rough water tonight on the heels of today’s storm?
  4. Out front MoCo, 7-8 am early incoming tide- caught four schoolies 16-20” on the black teaser in front of green ‘eely’ SS needle fish. Bite stopped, I threw the bag at em, no more hookups, quit while I was ahead.
  5. MoCo out front, 4 schoolies in the first few hours of the incoming tide around midnight- all small 14”-18” and on the black teaser in close to the rocks- chasing swimming shad, black Ava, bone sp. But the teaser did the trick.
  6. MoCo, out front jetty style Monday just before midnight and over three hours into the outgoing tide, calm and low water from a day of west winds- hooked up with a schoolie(?) on a 4” swim shad, saw plenty of his comrades feeding on the top. I was glad to land and release him back in the water quickly- still learning!