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    General Aviation, fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, time with grand-kids and family, reading, computers
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  1. I'll just say that there is nothing good in me. If you do see something good in me, you are witnessing the hand of God.
  2. Yessir. That is a fact, for the time being anyway. Hey, I just noticed the Ayn Rand quote. I'm a fan, in spite of her views on God. But look where SHE went to school
  3. Where I am public schools are abysmal. Not much more than "propaganda schools of the state" where every one gets promoted, and racial and sexual identity and "social justice" are what its all about. It is worse than simply a poor education, the pc mindwashing is devious and intentionaly geared towards producing group-think compliant justice warriors incapable of critical thought. Its an outrage, really. I could relate stories about my ten year old granddaughter's school that strain the imagination. So, its Christian school for her beginning in the 2021-2022 school year. I can do without some things to make it happen. This is hugely important to me, but also critical for our country if we wish to have liberty, as far as I can see.
  4. I have a Dragon fly on my Native 13 Slayer propel. I went through a scupper located under the seat. The transducer is awkward-sized, but I got lucky with a sculpted-out area on the underside of the hull that allows the transducer to be be below grade, protected while dragging. PVC and underwater rated pool putty was involved. Good luck!
  5. I use just a come-along for that. (commonly used for stretching chain link fence). Its easily stowed and simple.
  6. I just received my new Van Staal VR150b, and same thing - no parts diagram or suggestions for care and use of the reel, it only came with just the tool and a small kit for bail-less conversion. I have an email in to the company, but I don't really expect that they will reply. Hopefully it will appear on-line.
  7. Awesome Awesome Awesome
  8. I'm not sure I fully comprehend the relationships between rod properties and reel capabilities. So I would appreciate help with what rods would be good choices for the following two reels, for use on a kayak in Florida saltwater: 1. Van Staal VR150b, with 30# braid 2. Penn Slammer III 3500, with 15# braid Thanks
  9. I have a Native Watercraft Slayer 13 propel. Its a stable fishing platform, but heavy. I wrestled with this thing, getting it in an on my SUV for a couple seasons, then finally got a small trailer for it. Pedaling with the propel unit works well, but paddling is very good too, tracks nice. Right now I'm rigging it with a 4 stroke Honda 50cc air-cooled motor so I can cover more water. (coastal south Florida) I don't know that I'd recommend this kayak over others for fishing. This is the one I bought 6 years ago, and I just stuck with it and modified it to suit me.
  10. Another alternative motor - Honda GX50 2 horsepower 4 stroke, air-cooled. I like it because its simple, has very few possible points of failure, starts easy with a 2 finger pull.
  11. Yessir! I think I could get behind DeSantis! Definately bears watching...
  12. I received a fund raising letter from the chairwoman of the republican party the other day. I responded with my own letter. I told them I will not be donating to the republican party until Mitch McConnell , Cheney, and the other rinos are out of any positions of leadership. I support Trump because of his outstanding policies on the range of issues, in spite of his tendancy to torque people. And because he fights back. What a refreshing, acomplished President he was. I pray that he has a protégés out there who will step up.
  13. I got an answer for anyone who might be interested.The power cable on my fishfinder is a shielded cable that protects against RF interference. It will be connected directly to the battery on my kayak. The red wire will be fused and will connect to the positive terminal. The black wire will be connected directly to the negative terminal. The third grayish white wire is called a shield drain wire, best connected to an earth ground, but failing that since there is no earth ground on my kayak, it can alternatively be connected to the negative terminal of the battery. Rayethon support phone took 5 minutes to answer this for me, very impressive.
  14. Fishbucket - that is a very sad thing, I hope you have a son or daughter to give a father's love to... I always wear my pfd in the kayak. Its grubby and smells like fish, but I just use it and don't even think twice about it. Plus it holds my line cutter, whistle and my radio.
  15. Hi, I use a CRKT Bear Claw, blunt tip, on my PFD. Its only for cutting lines period, thats all I use it for. I have another knife for general purpose always with me, and an ice pick for braining fish.