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  1. Who

    If it was just boxing I’m thinking the stilt has a chance but it’s a good question.
  2. What state do you crab Rocky??
  3. That breaks at 126 pounds.
  4. The cottage after 70 years was destroyed by Izzy but not before I went through the tackle Peps left for my dad. Had those yellow uppermans. I was still learning knots and knocking the chit out of blues with them at the crab creek. After maybe 20 I was just casting lead with a little yellow. Chesapeake in the late 80s.
  5. I believe I’m an ableist.
  6. IMO the best place to catch them from the sand with a casted bait would be cape point nc.
  7. Thank you. Frank did not give o e duc. 1.
  8. Franklin Eugene lhxfsad. Never shirked a duty. Broke his back before we got him then a few years into it he had two strokes and he just knew how to deal with it. Not one significant issue after a couple weeks but time is a bitch. Last pic a few days ago and he was a man right up to the end. He fought it. I fought it. Frank was a good boy.
  9. How ghey is too gehy? They can never be too big.
  10. Ask yourself if you are a man then make the correct decision. What kind of dope drives a Chevy?
  11. Lol. I admire his composure.
  12. They seem to be more common in my area now, Dc region.
  13. Annie plays no games.
  14. Just be sure they fired the crossbow rapist.
  15. Government issue is so much better and easy to get though.