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  1. I agree that public access on the central north shore is disgracefully restrictive. And this is not a matter of me wanting to drive a vehicle or set up an encampment or even a blanket or beach chair on the sand.. Just me with rod in hand and not even a cooler or the ubiquitous 5 gallon bucket. I, like many other fisherman, are probably more responsible than others who claim the right to use the beach and exclude others. To paraphrase a somewhat cliched line, I take only pictures (of my catches which I return to the water, or notable sun and moon rises and settings) and leave nothing but footprints. You are probably correct that in the end, the right thing is not likely to become the reality.
  2. Been experimenting with tools placement on my surf belt. I have not found a good solution for where to put my pliers. I am right-handed so like them on my right side. If I put the pliers in their sheath on the 'front half' of the right side of my belt I find I hit them with the rod butt often. If I move them back to the rear half, they can be hard to reach. I hang my plug bag on my left side which works well for me since I like to be able to slide it from front to back and reach into it with my right hand. The bag itself does not have a good spot to hold the pliers. Have others had this issue with interference with the rod butt? What configurations have other folks used for placing their pliers? Thanks.
  3. Got a handful of Tinman's bullet head bucktails in different weights. Got out to try them once. They are a superior product. I will be ordering more of them and other of Dan's products. Thanks to all for the advice.
  4. Need some help understanding coastal beach access rights on Long Island’s North Shore, or anywhere in NYS for that matter. Last Sunday night I decided to go down to the Town of Brookhaven beach access area on Woodhull Landing Road in Rocky Point to hit the beach and do a little fishing from shore. I went down about 6:30PM and parked in a designated spot allowed under the Brookhaven Night Fishing Permit I have. I walked down to the water, but due to the crowds I headed west to try a find a stretch of beach that was less crowded. I walked down about 300 yards to the west and stopped to try a few casts. It was just me, my rod and surf bag. I was in front of a bulk head that had a sign saying private beach, but as I wander these north shore beaches I am always careful to stay in the intertidal zone. Such was the case here. I was approached by a gentleman in shorts and a shirt saying “Security.’ He told me that he was from the Miller Place HOA and that I was on a private beach that they maintain and would have to leave. I replied that per NYS law, since I was in the intertidal zone between the low and high tide lines, I was free to stay there as long as I accessed the beach legally. He told me that he was told to ask me to leave as the beach was private. Rather than stand there and argue (not a real prime fishing spot anyway) and not wanting to escalate this, I agreed to leave. He pointed out other areas down the beach where I could go, and they were areas I would have liked to go as they have proven more productive, but the crowds that night had me avoiding them. So the net of this is if I use a legal, public access point to get on to the beach am I free to go where I please as long as I stay in the intertidal zone between low and high lines?. My understanding of NYS law and the public trust doctrine says this is the case, but I am not a lawyer or property rights expert. Anyone have any expertise of experience with this kind of issue? Thanks.
  5. Lots of good input here. Thsnks to all. Placed a small order with Dan / Tinman Tackle and am anxiously awaiting receipt so I can check them out for myself.
  6. As I replenish my supply of bucktails, I was wondering if anyone finds particular brands to be more durable, or any brands that are less durable? Also, if you have any favorite types or brands, I would be interested to hear. Most of my fishing is from shore for stripers or blues. Thanks.
  7. I have a question about spinning reel sizes and the line sizes for which they are rated. Let's say I look at a reel and the manufacturer specifications indicate a range of line sizes and capacites. For example, let's say 40/50/60lb braid with the capacity for each. Assuming I want to step down to 30lb (more likely for me} or go up to 80lb (not very likely for me) would that cause any issues? I know that other characteristics of the setup such as rod capability, lure weight, type and size, etc would have to be compatible for use with the line. Thoughts? Thanks.
  8. I have a pair of 8 inch Hansom fishing pliers. I believe the model number is AP-8. They are in very good condition, but I have misplaced the replacement cutters and jaws I bought when I first got the pliers years ago. I have been looking around the Internet, but cannot seem to find much information about the pliers or availability of replacement parts. When I try to reach hansomtackle.com, my security software prevents it due to 'dangerous' URLs on the page and a mismatched security certificate. Facebook page looks to have no updates since about 2015. Does anyone know if these pliers are still being made and/or if replacement cutters or jaws are still available? Thanks.
  9. How do I figure the right size Mono to use as backing on spinning reels. Should it be based on diameter so the Mono and braid match or are close? Or should it be based on line test rating? Or something else? The way I fish from the beach and back bays, I never expect to get past the braid to my backing, so instead of line test rating, diameter would seem to make mote sense so the braid is less likely to get buried in tbe mono should I ever even get close to that. Anyway, looking for some guidance here. Thanks.
  10. Hey folks, Looking for some opinions and insights on the types of knives you carry when surfcasting. Do you carry something different in a rough ocean-facing surf than in a back bay or in quieter waters on the Sound? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the response. Reel is all metal with the exception of the wood knob on the handle. I will see if I get any other responses, but for now will keep it as an adornment on my desk.
  12. Have had this old Abbey & Imbrie Sea Bright 250 reel for a while and cannot find much information about it. Looks nice on my desk, but I am wondering if it has any value as a collectible or if it just old. Seems to be in working order. Appreciate any information. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the responses and for the very valuable perspectives on whether or not I want to attempt this. I see this did stir up some controversy with respect to handicap parking. While I am 'older,' (north of 66) I am not handicapped and would not ever presume to take a handicap spot away from those who really need them. Just wanted that to be clear in case anyone misunderstood. A follow-up question that I do have is with respect to the sand beaches referenced which sound much more viable based on the information presented here. I have fished off the beaches in Old Montauk and due south of town. In these cases, I was either staying at a hotel directly on the beach or renting a house that included beach access parking rights, so I could either walk or drive and park near the water. That will not be the case for my stays this year. So, for some of the sand beaches referenced here, is there parking available so that I could drive to an access point that doesn't leave me too far for the beach without risking any kind of fines or having to park illegally? Just looking for some general guidance and not asking for any information beyond what folks are comfortable divulging. Thanks.
  14. This is my first post on the site so please bear with me if I have not complied with site decorum. I want to do some surf casting out at Montauk in October. Specifically, I would like to fish at Camp Hero. I am not looking for anyone to burn any favorite spots, but I am looking for guidance about the best places (which lots) in which to park that allow for easiest beach access. I am not young anymore so don't want my travel down to the water to become a climbing expedition. I have my NYS night fishing and specific Camp Hero permits. (I won't get into any discussion of whether NYS permit practices are justified.) Would appreciate any guidance anyone is willing to offer. Thanks.