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  1. Any recommendations for waders? Only really just started surf fishing in fall / winter months. Boot or stocking? brand recommendations? I want breathable, I get hot quick.
  2. Wound up with froggtogs waist high and simms boots with the little twisty lock thing like golf shoes.. so far so good. no leaks very good fit for me, not a big dude at 5 6. money spent in boots was saved in waders .. funny squishing feeling in surf at knees. im a googan so thats prob normal but is odd for a beginner
  3. OC out front 3pm to 5. small crowd but not too bad. First 2 hours of outgoing saw 1 small bass caught and lost one. Lots of fun with hickory shad. Got 3 lost 9 or so. The great content on this board has really given me a ton of info and I just wanted to say thanks! Even got to fish with my sister today which we haven't done in prob 30 years.
  4. Following up with another dumb question. I got my waders. Frogg Toggs. I went on price - just couldn't justify Simms. But now that I have em what do you all wear under boot foot waders in fall or winter.. Yes noob question. I'm a summer guy / spring guy. Wife and I are looking to buy a place closer to the ocean but as it stands - i'm a half learned googan. I'm driving 45 min before i get to the water. The info i've picked up so far on this forum is awesome - so thanks even if this question is gonna get me whooped.
  5. Thanks for the help all. very good stuff.. i think i have to go for stocking foot. But no way i get out 200 times a year Auce!
  6. Thanks folks, new here will search a bit. I had boot waders like 20 years ago - felt like i was walking in a tank, not looking to make same mistake. thanks again