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  1. Following up with another dumb question. I got my waders. Frogg Toggs. I went on price - just couldn't justify Simms. But now that I have em what do you all wear under boot foot waders in fall or winter.. Yes noob question. I'm a summer guy / spring guy. Wife and I are looking to buy a place closer to the ocean but as it stands - i'm a half learned googan. I'm driving 45 min before i get to the water. The info i've picked up so far on this forum is awesome - so thanks even if this question is gonna get me whooped.
  2. Thanks for the help all. very good stuff.. i think i have to go for stocking foot. But no way i get out 200 times a year Auce!
  3. Thanks folks, new here will search a bit. I had boot waders like 20 years ago - felt like i was walking in a tank, not looking to make same mistake. thanks again
  4. Any recommendations for waders? Only really just started surf fishing in fall / winter months. Boot or stocking? brand recommendations? I want breathable, I get hot quick.