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    Surf Casting, Fly Tying
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  1. Are they gone ?
  2. That is awesome a RuRu Lipless next to an original Roman Nike for anyone looking for more plug pr0n
  3. Yes - I just reread it actually as it had been a while - very cool story and very relevant to last night large spearing everywhere - thousands eely was the only thing I could get the fishes attention on and they hit it viciously on a slow retrieve with a pause Bucktails, paddle tails, mag darter - I didn’t even get a sniff what made you bring the Conrad Jr back from the dead? Not a plug you see often except BM Tim
  4. There’s a rock maple Eely? Oh boy for ya Billy - second cast tonight - it’s a fish finder for sure
  5. Shin dig 2010 i got this one off of eBay but I have a couple more you were kind enough to dig up for me last year
  6. My beloved blurple Eely with battle scars
  7. No worries brother - all good
  8. Respectfully offer $150 for the pair
  9. Closing this up thanks SOL
  10. That works for me Steve PM incoming
  11. Looking to snag a Beachmaster Danny (larger size) in new or near new condition. can pay PayPal or Venmo Thanks SOL
  12. Done closing this down thanks SOL
  13. sorry for the delay - my daughter got sick last night - can you do $90 shipped?
  14. Thanks brother - both been fished or just the yellow ? tim
  15. Looking to snag a Beachmaster Donny and Donny Jr just regular not deep divers new or slight used works too can PayPal or Venmo Thanks SOL