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    Father, Husband, Avid Angler, Cigar Enthusiast, Geek, Digital Forensicator, old sK00L hacker - pretty much in that order. Plymouth, MA
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    Surf Casting, Fly Tying
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    Plymouth, MA
  1. CCW

    I’ll take 1 and 4 dp1 if still available and Rob does not want em
  2. Hey did you ever sell these? I would be interested in the yellow darter if not TY
  3. Would you do $110 on both schoolies ?
  4. Do you know the weight on the prof m metal lips ?
  5. I’ll take the BM SIlver Mack Torpoedo & Hab's Sr 1.5oz blurple needle
  6. I may still have a jr in herring if your interested will have to go digging
  7. Nice thanks Bob let’s see em prototypes ! tim
  8. Correct me if I’m wrong Bob but according to SJ article on 2012 these were very early correct?
  9. Ok SOL - I’ll close this up my hunt continues for the Jr’s
  10. @jettyjmpr sorry are you saying your not interested in campo or you are? that olive is pretty nice so I’ll do the trade if so if not - no worries thanks for looking t
  11. 2012 was a good year - i Still have my 2012 and at 140k - no issues My 2007 was great to about 90k but the 2005 was a POS (bout the time Mercedes had a hand with the electronics - dumped that thing in a year) my son just turned 16 so May be the market for one next year as ill Likely hand down the 2012 to him t
  12. The lip On good shape? if so let’s do it - if your interested
  13. I don’t have a lot of SS but I do have one that might be of interest how about a campo special order brown ? Only made once according to Steve i threw it once and it has some minor pointers fro storage hooks are vmc not original but happy to remove I would want a jr in new condition for it though lwt me know if your interested and what you have if so thanks
  14. Still looking for a couple of jr bottles of anyone has a couple they would like to sell thanks sol
  15. Think I answered my own question as they are about same size of darter lol PM inbound