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  1. I went with the 4500 penn slammer 3. Think It will be more surf oriented, although I did just pick up a stradic 2500 for one of my 7ft rods and love it. Don’t think it will hold out with the occasional salt water splash.
  2. Hello everyone. I’m soaking up all the info I can on surf casting lures. I’m only armed with knowledge from books (Hromin, and Skinner), you tube, internet research and forums. That being said I’m slowing compiling my surf gear And had questions in regards to lure selection ( I’ve always just soaked bait). I will be primarily fishing the Chesapeake bay, ocean city Md to Virginia Beach with occasional trips as far north as Atlantic City and far south as Outer Banks NC. I’m about to order up some lures and wondering how much the region you fish has a impact on what works. Per the books I’ve read and quite a few threads on this forum I see guys further north in New England primarily use huge Needle plugs, Pencils, Darters, Bombers and of course the bucktail. Are these lures universal and work everywhere or does those lures and techniques associated with them pertain to those specific regions? I just don’t see those lures being used in my areas. as a matter of fact you don’t see many surf casters here. Please educate and advise. I would hate to invest in something that doesn’t work. Thanks!
  3. I notice the slammer has the rubber insert on the spool..... do you still use mono backing?
  4. Very good info.
  5. Would anyone have 2 or more of these reels to add pros and cons? And or differences
  6. Just went on a fishing gear binge and decided to up my surf gear. Never surf fished artificials so I'm a complete rooky. Picked up a 9ft St Croix avid surf. I have the 7ft avid inshore paired with a 3000 Shimano Stradic HGFK and love it. Was looking for some recommendations for reels to pair this with. It will be used only to cast plugs and lures from beach and jetties. Initially was sold on the Saragossa 5000 sw but am starting to think this will be to heavy to be casting all day (20 oz) is there better options for me out there? Penn slammer 3? another Stradic? Daiwa Ballistic lt? Please advise and educate. Thanks for the input
  7. Nice what size stradic do you have it paired with?
  8. And that’s the 10’6 rod correct?
  9. How does it load in the lower weight range 2-4 oz
  10. Good to know, is it sensitive enough for lures? I’m hoping the 9ft 2-6 handles up to 6 well as I already have the ocean master that handles up to 8. Wouldn’t want 2 rods that are almost similar.
  11. Greetings, was wondering if anyone has had personal experience with either the Tica dolphin surf UGSA90MH2S 9' 2 Piece rod rated 2-6 oz or the UGSA10MH2S 10' 2 Piece rod in the 2-8 oz rating. Would anyone know if these rods are true to their lure range rating??? was looking for a medium duty rod for primarily soaking bait with a 4-5 oz sinker and occasionally casting heavier lures. I already have a 8ft Tica Surf (3/4-3oz weight range) and love it. Also i don't want to be redundant with my equipment as I already have a 10ft ocean master in the 4-8 oz range which I believe is under rated. I reserve this rod for heavier duty bait chucking applications. any advice or suggestions would be greatly apricated