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  1. Would you use traditionally nighttime lures and colors for days like this (purple darter for example)? And vice versa for nights where the moonlight is very bright — would you throw tins and topwater?
  2. I also drive Honda Fit, as somebody in here mentioned. Great little car — I fold my back seats down and have no problem fitting all my gear.
  3. Appreciate all the comments! I’m still stuck in that noobie mindset of surfcasting — bucktails and tins. I added some minnows, darters and poppers to my surf bag, but haven’t the confidence to pull them out yet.
  4. Heavy sweep and lots of weed, but managed to hook into a few. Busted my reel. Hanging up my waders — catch ya’ll in the Spring. Have a safe Thanksgiving, everyone. ❤️
  5. Anyone have experience using snook jigs/flair hawk jigs from the surf? They look really interesting — essentially a bucktail with a feather trailer instead of a jig strip.
  6. IMO: 1) Mahomes 2) Rodgers 3) Kyler 4) Wilson Some combination of Brady, Allen, Dalvin Cook after that.
  7. Western SS this afternoon. Best fishing I’ve had in weeks — slot size fish for an hour straight until it died down. Had (what a thought to be a 30 pounder) pull me 100 feet down the beach. Turned out to be a nice double header. So much fun.
  8. Hi all! I’m new to to the forum, so I apologize if this has been brought up 1000x over the years. This season I started commuting to Jones, Robert Moses, Captree, etc to surf fish. I’m from the BX and don’t have any friends to enjoy the hobby with me. What’s the best way to meet people to fish with and learn? Are there clubs around the West End? Any help would be appreciated!! (Emphasis on the learning)
  9. Central SS from about 5-9. Worked a good stretch of beach with no luck, though I did snag a piece of plywood floating along the water. Woohoo!
  10. Any brand recommendations for somebody who is short and chubby. “Extra large short” would be a good description. Are there any brands out there that let you mix and match wader and boot size? I’m getting tired of stockingfoot — the sand is killer.
  11. Finally caught my first striper from the surf!! Put together everything I’ve learned from books, YouTube, this forum, AND FINALLY GOT ME ONE. Central SS on a bucktail. What a rush.
  12. Fished the last 3 hours of the outgoing in Western SS. Big surf, lots of grass. Not a fun combination. Took my first tumble of the season, so an eventful night nonetheless!
  13. As Dave said, I think it comes down to personal preference. I like smaller reels, always have. I primarily fish a 9 foot/4000 from the surf.
  14. Looking for book recommendations related to surf fishing. Picked up the hobby recently, and would like to spend the winter learning in preparation for the Spring run. I fish the LI South Shore, if that information is helpful. I’ve been looking at stuff from John Skinner and Zeno Hromin, but haven’t made any purchases. Any help would be appreciated!
  15. Yes, definitely not! I plan on getting out to western LI tomorrow and Sunday. I appreciate all the advice so far — this forum has been so helpful and welcoming since I’ve joined.
  16. Gotcha, I understand. I’ll update my original post. Thanks fellas.
  17. I’m new here, so apologies in advance if I broke a rule. Confused by the downvoting of my post — “West End“ is far from anything specific. Am I wrong?
  18. Heading over to western SS after work today. Looks like the weather is going to clear up, beautiful afternoon/night.
  19. I tried PMing you, but no luck! Maybe because my account is brand new? Regardless, good to see someone else in the same boat as me. I’ve grown tired of fishing the TN and Whitestone. It’s porgie or bust over here. The fishing stinks.
  20. Central SS beach this morning. No hits, wind picked up. One guy in my vicinity caught on top water, but the rest of us got skunked.