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  1. I’m just surprised the robber found parking. All joking aside, this was a ballsy move. It’s a big store, with lots of employees that all carry, usually many customers carrying and many side rooms/places out of robbers control. I can’t think of a worse LGS target except maybe Delta, and only because the staff is all former mil/special operations. ETA: Just read that perp drove an SUV through the front door in middle of night. I think the exact same thing happened there 10 years ago.
  2. Last year in RI I had no issue getting as many as could eat in late September. Haven’t heard reports or tried this year.
  3. +1 this. I use flouro because, as another poster stated, it’s all I use. For the few dollars more I like it’s properties better. Reasons I use flouro: It sinks better and maybe a better action on quick jig? It’s thinner (for same strength) and that’s less water resistance and possibly lighter weight needed to stay down. That said mono is a little cheaper. It has better abrasion properties, but this is not a big deal for me, would be more so for Tog. Can’t think of any reasons why I’d use mono. At the end of the day, the type of line you pick here has very little importance (aside from weight, but even then within reason no biggie). I’d be more concerned with a bunch of other things like area, technique and lure/bait.
  4. They’re very good and not really a risk if your careful, but not a ton of meat. Usually they’re very easy to find and abundant where they’re found normally (not ct). I’d say they’re similar to red snapper. Not a delicacy, but good.
  5. Yes this, cut them off/don’t get poked. Same as like a sea bass, but if you get pricked it’s like a major hornet sting and will swell up and hurt like sob. It won’t kill you unless you have heart problems.
  6. I saw one as a kid in the Cayman islands a decade before they were publicly recognized. Invasive SOBs. We spear them down there, quite good eating.
  7. What is that??
  8. Here’s a video of one of the boats…
  9. This exactly. Cheers friend.
  10. I’m looking at a 23’ to go to block and montauk all I can. Beam is not an issue. More concerned about getting 3 guys instead of 2, nice hardware, etc. Boat will be 90% fishing.
  11. Thank for reply brother. They were great on phone so far, but I’m very early in purchase.
  12. I’m looking into Boats Inc. in Niantic as well as A&S Boats in Norwalk. Does anybody have any experience with them as a dealer/mechanic? Possibly getting another boat next year and trying to get a sense of local reps. Also any first hand opinions on Sportsman or Sea Pro boats?
  13. Fluke, not a bad suggestion. I was thinking THT forum too, but this forum is so regional I thought it might be better. Thanks man.
  14. I have an Airwave Elite 9.5 medium for casting lures. The rod is pretty light at the tip and “whippy”. Not a wet noodle, I like the rod a lot, but it does not like heavy casting. If I was tossing “bait and wait” I’d def get the heaviest one they make. You might be better served looking at a different rod for chunking. Someone above mentioned Rockaway, Okuma is a great value similar to Tsunami and that is a good suggestion.
  15. Anybody? I’m interested in Sportsman and Sea Pro boats. Looking for advice on them and especially the dealers mentioned above.