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  1. Fished in rain from 6AM-9AM for stripers, not a darn thing again. I might give up and go the Tog route, I just really prefer lure fishing over bottom rigs and jigs.
  2. Thanks LFoD, so frustrated right now and needed to vent. I’ll keep at it and reporting here. At least I’m throwing lures standing in the water instead of staring at the snow! (this winter will suck if the mountains are closed). Cheers.
  3. Tim, I’m fully aware of that. Their advertising here and everywhere else e.g. emails and social media would have led folks to believe this was something other than what it is. It’s not really an event of any kind and putting a deadline on it is kind of ridiculous. I do marketing for a living and disagree with how they managed this on many levels not worth discussing here. Again, as a site sponsor I hope they do well (I’ve spent I’ve $500 there this month). Some constructive criticism was all that was intended with my comments. Hopefully they think about how folks here feel. Even better, as a sponsor, offer guys on SOL an all the time discount. I belong to other special interest sites, and lots of Industry partners do this for their communities on forums.
  4. Yeah same stuff and not really any great pricing or sales, just things that didn’t sell this year, like shirts in S or XXL and other odd ball stuff. I was really hoping to see some awesome rod and reel deals on popular stuff or sales on brand name lures etc. Disappointing to say the least, but as a site sponsor I hope they do well...
  5. I’m from Manchester area so all of CT and Southern RI is fair game, but I’ve been getting skunked from East of CT river to Groton. Spent all damn morning into early afternoon again today, nothing! ETA: I’m using a verity of spoons, poppers, rubber, surface and sub surface swimmers.
  6. I just bought a new Gosa and picked up a Stradic FL for my dad, in 6,000 and 5,000 sizes respectively. I agree with LD above. I’d consider this... both are light, but you’re looking at 9oz vs 16oz. That said the Gosa doesn’t feel that much heavier. If the rod you’ve chosen is super light it might balance better with the Steadic, but that said, the Gosa won’t feel out of place. Both are super smooth and feel well made, but the Gosa def feels sturdier. Do you plan on them getting wet much? The Gosa will be much more resistant to salt and sand, but if not getting used hard or you take good care of your stuff, the Stradic should be more than sufficient. End of the day I’d personally go Gosa, but they’re both really nice.
  7. I was looking forward to this and for the most part it seems like regular clearance stuff and no real “deals”.
  8. Anyone still catching stripers or blues from shore? The last 4 times out not a damn thing. Hitting tides right and spending 3-4 hours each time. I tried dawn today since it worked for outgoing tide, but haven’t tried at night recently. Anyone else?
  9. What size is it?
  10. Where are you located?
  11. FWIW, I saw some generic adjustable brass ones on Amazon for $18 or so.
  12. +1 for this.
  13. I second Frog Togg Hellbender. Just got a pair and couldn’t be more pleased. They run large though. I wear an 11 sneaker and 10 boot, but had to go down to a size 9. (I’m 5’10, 165)
  14. Slightly off topic, but how do you guys feel about swapping rear treble for a single hook? I’ve read that the single will increase the swimming action because of less drag, hooks are easier to remove if swallowed, and less chance to accidentally work against the belly if double hooked. Once weighted, hook point up or down?
  15. Do BBs or lead shot produce a rattle and is that better than injecting oil/water? Also @VanStaalSteve thanks for the thorough post sharing details. I’ll be getting some Zap-a-Gap to try.