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  1. I've have this one from Warrior Products. It's very well-made and heavy duty. https://www.carid.com/warrior/hitch-cargo-carrier-for-2-receivers-mpn-847.html?view=067325&gclid=Cj0KCQjw7MGJBhD-ARIsAMZ0eesrPV4vDQcJsawFQhzukrPgpWiNUU6jSBt9vOO69gQnTjqBZeqzfowaAtFhEALw_wcB
  2. Thanks for the video Spinr0k.
  3. Does anyone know how the beach replenishment projects work? I wonder why they couldn't essentially make "new structure" i.e. troughs, cuts, etc.in the areas where they are getting their source sand that they then pump onto the beaches?
  4. Good point, Hunter. Maybe we'll get lucky and have some large storms roll through and begin building similar structure again.
  5. I don't doubt that for a second. It just seems kind of counter-productive as I'm sure there are contractors out there that have to pay to have large quantities of clean fill taken to a dump, when it could be put to better use.
  6. That is one more than I've caught so far
  7. In terms of what? Beach erosion? or something else?
  8. I keep reading in different forums how Delaware's Beaches lack structure, as compared to Northern NJ and New York beaches, and therefore don't normally fish as well, or as consistently, as beaches in the more northern states. Does anyone know why DNREC doesn't place reef-like materials close to shore in an effort to provide more fishable locations for fisherman without boats? With all the various construction projects going on in the vicinity, I doubt lack of materials is the issue.
  9. I was out at Henlopen last week a few times. I walked in from the gun turrets and a couple of the other drive-on access' to the North up towards the big dune. I was on the beach just before sunrise and off again by 0900 as the crowds, both beach-goers and drive-ons, started to pick up quickly. I walked up and down the beach throwing bucktails and gulp, the only thing I hooked was a big skate/ray which decided it wanted to take me down the beach about 100 yards or so until a knot in my leader decided it had enough and decided to fail. I was on a mission to try to catch my first flounder off the beach using jigs and bucktail that I had poured, painted and tied entirely myself, unfortunately it wasn't meant to be last week. Later in the week I was talking to a surf fisherman at Broadkill whom informed me that the beach fishing had been dead for the last 2 or 3 weeks. His thoughts were that the water had warmed too much for flounder to tolerate and that they had probably more offshore to deeper water. What are other's thoughts on the water temperature idea?
  10. I'll throw my 2 cents in for the Norvise also. I've had mine for probably close to 20 years and it's still going smooth and strong. I mostly tie streamer-type patterns for smallmouth bass and trout, but have recently tied up a bunch of bucktail jigs with it. It's taken everything I've thrown at it. I have a couple of the tensioned spools and associated bobbins. I really like them, but when the bobbins broke, I couldn't justify the cost to replace them. I've purchased some general use thread at Michels, etc., their color selection is somewhat limited, but they usually have the white and red threads that I use to tie bucktails, in stock. It's a bit thicker diameter, so it doesn't take as much time to wrap the bucktails on the jig-head.
  11. Tbush, Thank you for the reply, I'll contact Minnekota and see what they say.
  12. Hi all, First time posting since I just joined. Since you're talking about trolling motors, it brought up a question I had re: mine. I have a brand new Minnekota Terrova 24v on my Hog Island skiff, I understand that "fresh water" trolling motors aren't recommended for salt water but if I rinse it off with fresh water after each use, how much damage could salt water do to it?