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  1. "Shark bite?" Guys catching sharks, or sharks "catching" peeps?
  2. just a multitude of shorts and out of season...
  3. as if the cars are registered
  4. they probably should be booting the cars. "Certain people" wouldn't be paying any fines anyway.
  5. Nobody reads anymore I guess. If Public Safety gets a bug up their ____, they have this to fall back on: 8) For the purpose of identification, permit(s) and corresponding wallet identification card MUST be carried on your person and be available if requested by a police officer or Town employee. So, while you may be "walking in" the powers that be can ask for the wallet card which you get with the parking permit, and politely ask you to leave the beach.
  6. there is a corresponding night fishing wallet card that is issued when you apply for the Tobay permit. I carry mine with my marine registry. at times the public safety guys stalk the underpasses and ask for them. If you are getting dropped off it can be a long walk home. Us residents can only sponsor one non-resident, which I have already done.
  7. any chance that last storm got rid of the effing plovers ? water was up to the dunes at Tobay with a big Lagoon between the dunes and the berm.
  8. That is too bad. How many of those people actually show up in court?
  9. Why are they also not confiscating all the fishing tackle of these miscreants ?
  10. But but but my Tsunami Slimwave, my absolute favorite jigging for fluke off the yak, is white !
  11. they really should be confiscating the tackle on the most flagrant violators. Not talking about one fish at 27 1/2" either. Does anyone think these people actually pay a fine ?
  12. should have reduced the bag limit.
  13. for the g d piping plovers ?
  14. Its a Julia Roberts Netflix movie, apocalyptic renters at a bnb. I might never bother going to a movie theatre again with Netflix, Prime, HBO, Showtime etc.
  15. I no longer fish bait so my 12 (or is it 13) stick sits in the garage. I have a 9' allegedly blemished (hence a great deal) Surf King Lamiglas and a 10' DeepBlue. Can not recall the throw weights (kilotons or megatons) but I go on a couple of surf web cams just before I am leaving for the beach, and throw in a quick look on the windy app and accuweather as well to determine if I can get by with the 9' and 2 ounce and under lures which my 70 year old shoulders vastly prefer. If the wind is in my face or surf looks "sweepish" I go with the 10'. I now have two separate surf bags, (see my previous post of repairing a 20 year old canvas bag from Kittery Trading Post) and only bring the one rod and one bag. It might be my lousy technique but with a 1 1/2 oz tin I have measured my maximum casts at an average of 65 yards. The 10' adds maybe ten feet to that.