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  1. Thanks it was a great trip to gulf shores AL. Sharks, rays, pompano, bluefish, 2’ smooth back puffer. With a new set of tsunami airwave elite and Spinfisher VIs.
  2. I didn’t have any tools on me and we are traveling back home today. When I get home and unpack I may take some things off. I will be sending it to Penn this time for sure tho. One of the things I liked about penn is being able to take apart and service myself but I don’t want to jump into that with one that got full of sand and salt. Once I pull one apart a few times and get used to it. This one is brand new...fished for 5 days then took a dip LOL. It caught some fish tho and I had 5 other setups with me.
  3. Yea I didn’t really crank it. I could feel it was tight. I’ll try that when I box it up to send off. Bummer but glad it was the last day of my beach trip and glad I was able to grab it before it went off to the deep LOL.
  4. Thanks Jim, that’s what I will do. What is the turnaround time on something like that currently.
  5. Had it in a rod holder and a wave took it out. Tumbled around in the surf before I could grab it and now it’s full of sand. I took the spool off and rinsed what I could but there is sand in the grease and I can tell it’s still grindy if I try to spin it. I didn’t spin it I don’t want to make it worse. So how bad is it going to be? Send off to Penn for a service? Never had this happen before and haven’t torn apart a real to service before. the sads
  6. Change in plans. Found a much easier option on YouTube. Command strips with the metal peg straightened out. Curtain rod with a small hole drilled in the cap for that hole. Pool noodle with slits cut to hold the upper part of the rod. Hair tie to secure the butt (not in pic) i love these rods at first feel. Super skinny in the handle, I like it. Feel like they will cast real nice. My 8.8 doesn’t have the gold like the others tho. They were out of the 11.4xh for my 6500s so those are still on the Spinfisher combo rod.
  7. Can you or someone tell me some Measurements? Im making a simple rack for the ceiling in my 15 passenger van to travel with these rods. I won’t get them till Thursday and I want to make sure I’m making the holes big enough. I’m thinking of cutting some Olea in a 1x3 that will hang from hooks. I don’t think the first two guides will need to pass through a hole. Just the tip down to the 3rd guid from the reel and the but cap on the end. Ill have the but cap just in the one hanger. Then pass the tip through the other hangers holes. What is around the 68”- 84” mark (board will go on a slight angle) on the 8.8 9.6 and 11’ rods. 1.5” hole big enough for all to pass?
  8. Well, I will be finding out on my own now I just ordered a whole bunch of goodies lol. A set of 6 rods (2 11'm and 2 11.4xh) and some spin fishers as listed in my OP. Thanks for the feedback...ill be casting these with luck starting next weekend for a few days along the coast.
  9. Dang why do they all have to crack like that LOL. Did you go back with less epoxy when you fixed it...held up better now? Thanks for the info.
  10. I am assuming your AWEs have the crack since you had them for a while and use them quite a bit? I am not sure how the VPRs are compared to the paraflex in the moderate department, ill look into that some more if no one one replies in here about it. The bigger rod in my lineup 3-8 would solely be for chunking live or cut bait im pretty sure. I think its better to have a more moderate rod for that so you don't rip rip off the bait trying to cast? I might just end up with the AWE anyway...still mulling it around while I read and reply lol. Thanks for the input!
  11. That just bothers me knowing its going to happen...idk why but it does. Like here buy this nice new car...btw the paint will come off shortly lol. What about Star rods...I like there life time warranty. The Paraflex 10'6" 3/4-4 and the 11' 3-8 OR VPR 10'6" 3/4-4 and the 11' 3-8? Stiffer than the AWE, about the same? I don't want a broomstick but I don't want a noodle...I want to be able to cast lures with ease and cast cut or live bait with out ripping it off the hook
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I have suffix 832 as well in ghost. I guess my only pause with them is the cracking of epoxy around the Handel area and the guides along with the company seeming to be more miss than hit when it comes to any warranty issues. Am I to just expect these issues?
  13. Thanks for the feedback! I think the Avid setup from my first post might be too stiff? I was also looking at the ODM DNA 10'6" M and the 11' XH. As you can see I don't really know what I want lol. No one around me in Louisiana carries any of these to go handel so I have to do it based on reading about them.
  14. I wanted to get some feedback on these rods and if they will work well in my potential applications in the gulf coast surf, mainly Gulf Shores AL. I know most are probably using these rods up north in different applications but I'm hoping some on here can shed some lite. What I'm looking for is a set of rods to cover my usual surf fishing techniques and targets. From tossing hard plastic baits to soaking some cut or live bait. 8'8" M to pair with a Spinfisher VI 3500 with 15lb braid to throw mostly hard plastic suspending twitch, top water jerk or poppers, lipid crank baits, pompano jigs, gotcha plugs, kastmaster spoons. Does it throw the lighter stuff well? These particular lures have some 1/2 and above sizes but some have under 1/2oz sizes. Some will be a fast retrieve and some popping and retrieve. 9'6" M with a 4500 VI and 20lb braid to throw the same as above but in the larger sizes. 11' M with a 5500 VI and 30lb braid for using a 1-2oz pyramid sinker with bait like fresh dead shrimp, sand fleas, fish bites for pompano, whiting, reds, or the likes whether it's up close in the first trough or out too and beyond the first sandbar. 11' 4" XH with a 6500 VI and 40lb Braid for soaking cut or live bait for larger Redfish, Black drum, or smaller sharks. I currently have the Spinfisher 6500 combo so I'm looking to replace that rod that is listed as a 10' H 1-5. I was looking at the airwave 11' H but I don't know if the 1-12 to 4-1/2oz lure is enough? I usually toss the combo with a 3oz weight...but in rougher current id have to go up or use a sputnik type to dig in the sand. TIA EDIT to add another option I was considering I already have the St Croix Mojo inshore 7'11" in a M and MH that I could run in place of the 8'8" and 9'6" setups above. St Croix Avid Surf 10'M in place of the 11'M from above St Croix Avid Surf 11'MH in place of the 11'XH from above.
  15. I actually wound up going with the 2k simply because it will hold enough 10lb braid at 180 yards for what ill use it for and it was about $35 cheaper for some reason on its back to the same price as the 2500. This setup will be from a boat most of the time in the marsh area so I don't need the ruggedness of the slammer. I been using battle 2s for a while and just wanted something that laid braid better and a tad lighter. Thought about the vanfords but I think those would be too light and the rod would be tip heavy. For whatever reason I just been a penn fan so didnt want the FL settled on the Clash.