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  1. $25 shipped to CT? Lmk Thanks!!
  2. Is this for four plugs?! $45 for the lot of four shipped to CT works for me :_) LMK what is and isn't here. Thanks!!
  3. How about these and the YoZuri's for $90?? Pickup maybe, I'm in central CT; lmk if this works!! Cheers!
  4. $60?? I'm in central CT...pickup?! LMK and thanks for considering :_)
  5. Would you consider $20 shipped to Ct?! lmk Thxs
  6. Fourth thru 18th!!! LOL
  7. Wish this was in CT! GLWS!
  8. That's what USPS flat rate is for!
  9. $30 shipped to CT, preferred payment! LMK Ty
  10. To be fair, echoing what others have already said, but yeah Weightless plastics 5inchers on top; zooms, Saltwater Shad Assassin, fin-s, albie snax, sluggos, custom, no extra weight on the hook. Another thought would be GT 360 searchbait; comes in 3" 1/8oz rattle in the head, they even make a smaller one now. I've done well with em on schoolies, blues, fluke, robins whatever's around in small creeks; in the spring ct river bite I fish these heavily; schoolies and a variety of bass or perch will hit em. Maybe weightless dartspin? size options on those too
  11. Actually, make it $320 for the pair :_) These will answer some combos for me :_)) LMK
  12. If you don't sell to acce; offer up $300 shipped to CT preferred payment. LMK Cheers and GLWS
  13. Was this the one listed w/ the back bay on FB??! You move the reel or just decide to hang on to it?