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  1. Same Chinese parts , lol.
  2. Girlfriend and I were on the Potomac last night. Blue cats are my favorite fish here. This one was 45”. We also caught the 12lb one at same time (which is about my average size fish. caught on a 4oz piece of channel cat penn battle 4000 7’ penn rod 30# runcl braid from Amazon , 7/0 gamakatsu octopus, 60# big game leader, wind was nasty, but otherwise beautiful day had to use 4oz lead i included a pic of how I fish. Lash a 1.75” pvc to doc post. Carry it all in a wagon from Home Depot. Still angry when released! IMG_1034.mov IMG_1038.MOV
  3. Had to try again caught a 42” with a 30” girth! Maybe heavier! And a 37” and a little flathead and a couple in the teens. Crazy. I’ve a caught 200 or so blues here, and have my 2 biggest on back to back days steady bite on incoming tide. Didn’t have all rods in the water for the first hour. When tide was in and went slack , no more bites IMG_1052.MOV IMG_1055.mov IMG_1053.MOV
  4. He certainly is detailed and knows his stuff. I read those before buying
  5. I’d like to see other views. That’s a beast . I’m lucky to have caught some big ones 1/3 that size. But they were fatties that lived under a cafeteria. Wish I had pics. Used a hand line and had to get bread drift natural, lol.
  6. I like a black jitterbug or buzzbait. I like the 4 bladed plastic ones you can fish slow
  7. I have to catch panfish for catfish bait. Wish I could get consistent result with lures but only in a couple places. My favorite is a 1/8 white rooster tail when I can. No other colors have worked. I use worms usually, which I’d rather not keep. Tried all the fake baits like Berkely. Waste of time for trout and bass; try a couple other baits. Maybe a rapala countdown or mini rattle trap cast close to shore (not straight out) and try to work the underwater terrain Have fun! don’t overthink it. Just pick a dozen lures that fit in a single flat $5 tackle box. You sound good with the spoons. Sinking/ floating rapalas in gold or silver. Beetle spin and spinners couple of top waters . Zara puppy would be my choice. Jig heads with white or chartus grubs. I’d throw in soft jerkbaits or swim baits but you’d need heavier rod and reel. Here’s what I keep in the truck to experiment with new ponds. My water is surely shallower
  8. I was thinking about the same thing, maybe an okuma
  9. They are exciting, my first came under our little boat and hit my plug as I figure 8, that’s exciting. I don’t have any boring musky stories.
  10. If you see something big in the water, you have to try to catch it. I love catching the grass carp or common ones . And am grateful esp if the bass aren’t biting
  11. That’s a hog for a northern bass!
  12. Sweet, I’d like to try them for largemouth. But might clog with weeds
  13. It’ll open up another can of worms if someone says it’s the one they lost. They’ll be upset about condition or want you to meet or ship. But hope you can salvage the rod. Pics!
  14. Update. Lost a catfish. Line broke at tip as fish hit. Tied on new leader and pulled tight to test drag. Dang! Broke at top guide again. I’ll be fair and say maybe I dinged it. You can use it as a knife to cut line
  15. Good luck and tight lines! Love tuning up “obsolete “ gear. Wondered what those rods were like. I bought a couple off amazon (berry pro) blank is really nice. Guides are crap. Caught several 20+ catfish On them. Was having trouble finding a 10 ft for 25lb braid that would cast 3 oz that was affordable. I’m happy so far.
  16. jbraid

    What leader are you running. I use stretchy big game. Make it longer
  17. Sweet. Love frugal ingenuity!
  18. I’ve been bad. Could not pass up the conflict combo. Gotta 2500 and 3000. At that price! I really needed a 4K more
  19. my thoughts exactly!
  20. I’ve been averaging 2-3 nights a week fishing the Potomac. I’m a nerd so I have several lights but love my olight headlamp and flashlight. Plop on the magnetic charger. Put on the nightstand and ready to go tomorrow! Worth it!