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  1. I can’t think of anyone less authoritative than that tool. Screw him
  2. Added Cortland crown fly reel with weight forward 9 wt line. Appears new in old box. Not as nice but it’s free with the 9 wt rod if wanted
  3. Howdy, I inherited a couple nice fly Orvis Helios 2 rods I don’t have a use for. rod 1 is a 9 foot 9 weight, 3 3/4 oz, tip flex. comes with sleeve and tube. $470 shipped insured. Pretty much new a couple faint marks on the cork. No real defects. Carbon fiber reel seat with butt rod 2 is a 8 foot 6 5 weight, 2 1/4 oz, tip flex come with sleeve and tube. (Cap on tube is from different model, he put the wrong cap on) I can’t find any defects, I don’t think it was used. $550 shipped insured Buy both for $900 shipped. I didn’t get reels(too bad) buyer can choose shipping method ground or USPS priority with signature and insurance included or overnight for $20 more. PayPal, or whatever payment is good. I’m in leesburg Va. will deliver within 50 miles. I’ll consider offers and other trades but don’t need much . Feel free to ask. i would do partial trade for two piece inshore spinning rod ($150 or less) or maybe knives or gun stuff. I’m the same name on gunbroker and snipershide with 250+ good or better transactions and no negatives. I’m tk0tactical on EBay with 100% positive on 572 transactions.
  4. School board with tapes of yourdaughter doing nothing wrong while being harassed. Then local news. So sorry for her drama. Sick times
  5. Thanks guys. The minnow is a heddon cobra I think. Took me a minute box also had ; a heddon surface cobra (like a devils horse) finnish rapala, 2 newer rapala minnow 3 rebel crayfish cranks, rebel frog 2 flatfish 6 spoons (3 kastmaster, 1 dardevil) 6 spinnerbaits, 2 jigs, jitterbug, 6 battle spins, manns jelly worms, lol, 5 rooster tails/ mEpps, spool for a Mitchell large-reel(can’t use) couple pounds of lead, couple dozen new Snell hooks all in a Plano 8606. I power washed it all for $52 at auction. One of my poorer buys, but I got my moneys worth) best, t
  6. Howdy, I bought a tackle box in an estate sale. Has some decent stuff, but I don’t know what this topwater plug is; It’s popper profile, soft rubber , with a spinner on the rear. And I don’t know what this wire thing is. My curiosity appreciates any guidance. Best. T
  7. Had to try again caught a 42” with a 30” girth! Maybe heavier! And a 37” and a little flathead and a couple in the teens. Crazy. I’ve a caught 200 or so blues here, and have my 2 biggest on back to back days steady bite on incoming tide. Didn’t have all rods in the water for the first hour. When tide was in and went slack , no more bites IMG_1052.MOV IMG_1055.mov IMG_1053.MOV
  8. He certainly is detailed and knows his stuff. I read those before buying
  9. Girlfriend and I were on the Potomac last night. Blue cats are my favorite fish here. This one was 45”. We also caught the 12lb one at same time (which is about my average size fish. caught on a 4oz piece of channel cat penn battle 4000 7’ penn rod 30# runcl braid from Amazon , 7/0 gamakatsu octopus, 60# big game leader, wind was nasty, but otherwise beautiful day had to use 4oz lead i included a pic of how I fish. Lash a 1.75” pvc to doc post. Carry it all in a wagon from Home Depot. Still angry when released! IMG_1034.mov IMG_1038.MOV
  10. I’d like to see other views. That’s a beast . I’m lucky to have caught some big ones 1/3 that size. But they were fatties that lived under a cafeteria. Wish I had pics. Used a hand line and had to get bread drift natural, lol.
  11. I like a black jitterbug or buzzbait. I like the 4 bladed plastic ones you can fish slow
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