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  1. What there to fish at the jetty?
  2. Two days, nothing, any one having much luck?
  3. Man, I been watching YouTube video where they keep catching perch non stop, it seem like these perch are everywhere, I walk down to the beach the other day, I saw these perch, big one, swimming out from with the water. I don’t have gear for these fish yet, but will go Walmart to see if there some. Seem like those Berkley gulp sand worm work, base on alll the YouTube videos, Carolina rig, 10 pound test leader, number 2 baitholder hook.
  4. What you guy use for bait or just chuck lure, I really want to catch a perch but it seem so daunting, vast amount of area, don’t know where to start.
  5. Do you ever try fishing at mussel rock, I scout out the area today to see any spot for rock fishing, but damn, did not see any viable spot, maybe it is good for perch.
  6. What happen here
  7. Just caught this striper! Unbelievable burned though 10 striper until I hit this one. this is the last striper I will keep for this year. Moving to on perch and crabbing.
  8. Ummm, damn, if these are the prime months, hopefully the fishing pick up, what beach you fishing at?
  9. What hook size is on the calissa 110 and a good replacement hook for it? I notice the stock hook is very blended and look weak. Please help, thank you
  10. i thought I would lose the halibut, since it putting quite a fight and refuse to get land, as I bring it on the land, the hook slip off, lucky I had my foot on top of it. Amazing fish!
  11. So this is not the month?
  12. Wow amazing, how many inch is it legal?
  13. What are the prime months for surf perch around the sf and Pacifica beach? Thank you
  14. Unreal! Big fish I ever got
  15. Thank you, i improved a lot on the release, fast unhook and back into the water