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  1. Well homosexuality is normal as it exists and there is nothing you can do about it and its only abnormal because we live in a society were some people are afraid of things that are different than their status quo.
  2. So... I've been fly fishing for stripers for the past 6 years but nothing, I've never caught anything on the fly. I've deduced it down to my location is bad. Does anyone know any place that is sorta foolproof?
  3. It's actually very normal, Accounts of normalized homosexuality go all the way back to the Greeks, Romans, and even the Egyptians. And almost every single bird and mammal species have shown some form of homosexuality, including penguins, sea birds, monkeys, apes, and us humans.
  4. Black equity isn't just throwing money at them for no reason, it is systematically improving education, housing, and social work around inner cities and other areas where minorities regularly are at a disadvantage because of their location and social status. Black people arrived to this country as slaves, stripped of their freedom, rights, and human value. After slavery was abolished there was still plenty of racism around and forced them to live in undesirable locations away from "pure white man" and his work. Even though slavery was abolished the majority of the black population was still chained to a sort of economic and social slavery. Those inner cities, hoods, whatever you want to call them is the direct by-product of slavery. Today we are trying to fix this nearly 400 year old legacy of racial segregation by attempting to fix this situation.
  5. Well rule of thumb: if it's from the northeast, west coast, introduced by Obama, Biden, etc., something out of the ordinary that they haven't experienced in their quaint and simple lives, involves immigrants its probably gonna trigger them.
  6. Their goal is.... Wait for it!!! Is to not make it weird to be gay, that's it. No conspiracies, no conversions they are just sick of homophobia.
  7. your right about the drag and that beats the drag of the midsized Saltiga lever drag reel
  8. On a face value, Hinduism very much looks like it is a polytheistic religions but it really is monotheistic. The Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva is what is being acknowledged while the minor gods like Kali, Hanuman, and Ganesh aren't really gods in the typical western sense. Those minor gods are more like enlightened or spiritual beings. Hinduism is a very complicated culture and is more of a culture than a religion and their are certain sects that do completely different things and do worship those minor gods.
  9. I don’t think so unless you plan to commercially fish them
  10. Other than paganism and a few folk religions spread around the world, every other major religion is monotheistic; Christianity is, Islam is, Judaism is, Sikhism is, even Hinduism is. I definitely agree with this, but I don't think worshipping it is the right way to approach god its messengers.
  11. Ross Evolution Salt, granted its my first premium fly reel but it sure does sound pretty and handles the salt well. My only issue is that its near impossible to take the spool off if the spool cap got screwed in too tight.
  12. I know most of y'all are making plugs for stripers and etc. but does anyone happen to have any resources for making jerkbaits for bass and trout? I'm not that great at drawing so my own templates never really turn out that good and I end up with lopsided profiles that plainly don't make much sense.
  13. I feel like god in abrahamic religions is simply misunderstood. I am the son of two hippies so that means from Monday-Tuesday I'm a Hindu, Wednesday-Thursday I'm Sikh, Friday and Saturday I'm a Buddhist, and on Sunday I'm smoking weed. From what I've experience with abrahamic religions you have this figure of god who is this almighty and omnipotent being who shapes the world however he wants it. And in abrahamic religions you are given this simply idea that you must worship and live your life verbatim to the law of god or you will end up in eternal torment and misery. Now actually think about that? Does that make sense? Would a truly omnipotent and all encompassing being really want that or more importantly need feeble beings to worship him. God I guess can be cleanly broken down as the Hindu Trimurti what is the personification of cosmic functions. We have Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. Brahma is the personification of creation and knowledge. Vishnu is the personification of cosmic preservation and sustenance. Finally Shiva is the personification of destruction but is often confused with the devil and death, Shiva is not bad by any means but is just a necessary force to allow change and the renewing of the universe just as death is needed to allow new life. God is this cosmic function or equation of cause and effect or karma. It can be thought off the reaction to one's actions. If you go outside in the rain without an umbrella you get wet; you touch a hot skillet you'll get burnt; if you rob a bank you go to jail.
  14. Daiwa's MQ is either a marketing gimmick or absolutely game changing. I have a 4000 sized BG MQ and well it has the same size main gear as my size 8000 Penn Battle II. Dunno if that means anything but that's just plainly impressive.
  15. I just got the BG MQ a week ago but I only got to fish it once, to anyone else who's had it longer; how has it been holding up?