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  1. Well that's good to hear! That tide window doesn't coincide with the sunset right now, you find that they're separately productive, or only when they coincide?
  2. Thanks, that's a great deal but need something with a hood
  3. Looking for something that can be used as a dry top in the surf, with a hood, size medium. Budget is $100
  4. Thanks but I ordered the Tiderunner belt
  5. You referring to the little surf supreme bag? I love that thing....fits everything I need, I prefer to pack minimally
  6. I think I'll go with the ultimate! Thanks everybody!
  7. OK that seems like a worthwhile modification. The options are a little overwhelming and I screwed this up once with the belt I have...I'd be very grateful if you could post a link to a decent dive belt! Thanks again
  8. Nice! Is the velcro necessary? I use a surf supreme small bag which I currently have on a crappy $5 belt from amazon through the loops and over the shoulder. Pliers and scissors on the bag so I don't need space for any other tools on the belt...just looking for something that is a bit safer than this flimsy 1.5" belt.
  9. Looking for a used ODM or Flatlander or other good belt to fit a 32" waist. Budget is $50. Thanks!
  10. So it turns out that size large is a much better fit for both my pairs of size 12 boots.
  11. Haha thanks, already reached it. SnS is an homage to 'StarsnStripers', which was my handle on here back around 2000 when I was a belligerent, insufferable 12 year old that was constantly bickering with a friend of mine 'StriperSniperX'. Reading some of those old threads makes me cringe. Perhaps some of the old mods remember it!
  12. That channel is pretty deep so that makes sense
  13. That cupcake