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  1. A better question, at least for some of us, is how will the Mueller Report consume you?
  2. It's us against them. They could care less about the customers. Once the strike is settled, there's a few less people walking around the store. And that's a bad thing how? Until it gets shut down.
  3. Never gonna happen. You are obviously one of "those" that NEED to be controlled. Tired? They are virtuous. And empowered.
  4. No Nick. You do not get it. A registry allows the gov't to kick down all the "right" doors.
  5. Why stop there? Just put the "smhart chip" into every newborn and TAA DAA! It's not the inanimate object that needs the smarts afterall.
  6. For me anyway, I'll sum it plainly: go fuq yourself Cher. And go straight to hell.
  7. You wanna make a bet? $100 to yours/ mine favorite charity. You in?
  8. Says the guy posting Monday thru Friday on his company's time. Is it any wonder all you get is <drip><drip><drip>? You're lucky to get even that.
  9. To fuqn bad. Screw the entire state of Cali. Your karma has been a long time coming. And here it is.
  10. What's worse than knowing it is digging deeper just because.....stubborn?
  11. She agrees with orange man? Bad. And a crackpot too.
  12. Being the source of continual <guffaw><lol><make me laugh parts IV, V, and VI>, I for one hope you never ever leave Dude. It's guys like you that make SOL so fuq'in funny. Carry on with your inanity!
  13. Gotta ask Nick- are you gainfully employed? Which BTW means you pay your own way 100%. No handouts, no assistance. Can you be honest and answer. Thanks.
  14. Time to pony up ccb. Did you vote for HRC? I hope my use of a ? mark doesn't befuddle you. You seemingly use it in most every post. ( for sure I won't wait for an answer).