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  1. Expect the Dem debates to be about how to get rid of Orange Man. It's all they've talked about for the last 2+ years. They've got nothing else.
  2. You are a wormy worm. Plain and simple.
  3. I have no obsession with your discomfort. I do think it's funny as all hell that you, as well as a few others' here, are so consumed by Trump. And you display it so eloquently. I also realize there is absolutely NO chance of changing ANY of your views, so what else other than a chuckle? Golly gee!!! You're some kinda fisherman too!
  4. Six more years too LFOD. Winning!
  5. Still got a trophy I hope.
  6. Seems more troubling too me to allow what has taken place to just be ignored. I'd rather find out what took place the last two years and allow real justice to be served than to crawl right back to the same old chit. Besides, most public servants are generally making things worse when they're "doing" their jobs.
  7. Of course you're not. You should reward yourself with a cookie.
  8. The best scenario IMO is all the girls boycott the race. If the confused laddie never had a competitor, is it a race? The media would have a hard time burying that.
  9. Because we all count on your quick political acumen. After all, you're the smartest guy here.
  10. If he would stop covering them up, then maybe we could find out. It's along the same line of thinking that you first pass an onerous bill, then find out what's in it.
  11. You do realize you will never get an answer. I was going to ask the same question then decided, why bother?
  12. Standards? Huh?? Embarrassed? What?