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  1. He's not a candidate you idjit. Based on your posts, you're a lock for Biden.
  2. I stopped right there. Perhaps you missed it, but team Dem has been trying in very nefarious ways to remove Trump since before his first day as POTUS. I don't believe anyone, definitely yourself included, would've had made it 10 feet down "easy street".
  3. Braden is a punk ass wannabee. He won't come back to defend his asinine post.
  4. Not a chance. Typical liberal bird shot peppering and then vamooooooosh.......he's gone.
  5. "a berm of dems" effn classic. vivir libre o morir hermano!
  6. If he doesn't win in November (he will) he doesn't get to make any more decisions. So yeah, November is just around the corner.
  7. Yeah I know GC, your glass is 1/2 empty. Perpetually......
  8. With the fence fully implanted up yer ass, there is no way to determine who you were talking about.
  9. Even if he was mentally ok, he's a EFFN PERVERT. No vote for him ever.
  10. As well you should be. Your avatar is a case study.
  11. As opposed to your avatar pic of a fish that your overpriced guide reeled in (with you the wannabee gladly paying) . Hold the fish this way John! It'll look bigger!
  12. I'll take that bet. <pushes it all in across the table> Make no mistake Cali RULES in the liberal department. They're chittin in the streets.
  13. Of course not. The media's best is running interference/ cover to keep a lid on it. Keep the gropey bumbling fool in the basement as much as possible.
  14. RIP. Sorry for your loss. The Covid road to hell so full of good intentions. Not.
  15. And then the synapse misfire occurs and then they double, triple, quadruple down etc. on the dumb.