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  1. Not sure what you're implying.....whatever. My point being, I don't want, nor need the local government to "help" me. You guys are funny. Beeotch about how expensive it is where you live, yet you demand all kinds of services.
  2. Where I live there is no trash pickup. I have to go to the transfer station now and again. Just the way it should be.
  3. Average number of viewers 2 and up? Huh?
  4. Nah. Fuggin glass eye and a wooden leg.
  5. If I saw your bulbous head coming my way, I'd give you a honkin skeet shoot. One barrel at a time.
  6. You keep on fighting the good fight.
  7. I'm talking in general. You started with the Trump BS. Like you always do. No one cares. Trump is history. Your posts are meaningless. Life goes on.
  8. Sure thing Frankie..... I do what I want, you cower and hide like you want. It's all good.
  9. No Zak. I'm not. Trump is history so you can shut up as far as that goes. Right now, we discuss your Democrat mental defect named Biden. Your gang is in the spotlight. Discuss them.
  10. Meh.....Frank.
  11. My response? "I didn't". Then I cough.
  12. Did you ever get a sore on your dick from the hookers?