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  1. I’m looking for plastics for jetty fishing. Mainly rockfish when fishing plastics. I have done great on storm and had decent success with big hammer. I wanted to see what else you guys recommend for paddle tails and similar stuff. I normally throw 3 to 4 inch stuff.
  2. Went ahead and purchased the bg 4000. Thanks guys.
  3. I just bought an Okuma SST 902MH 3/8 to 1 1/2 ounce 10-30lb rod. I am looking to pair this up with either the penn battle 2 or the Diawa bg. There is no store close to me that has these reels to test so wanted your guys opinions on what reel size to go for this rod. This will be used as a jetty, touring the Oregon coast, and surf rod. I will run either 20 or 30 lb braid on the reel.
  4. Also I was looking into either the 11 foot or 12 foot Rockaway rods in medium 10-20 lb possibly for surf and wanted to see what size Diawa bg you suggest running since you have the rod. Wish I had somewhere to test this stuff.
  5. I think it would mainly be perch. I’m looking for fishing that me and my kid can do but he is way too young for the Jetty. I tried perch last year and used the Berkley sand worms and did ok. It may have been a rough day because 3 ounces was gettin swept in the current. He had a ton of fun hanging out with me on the beach and I have seen that perch fishing here in Oregon is pretty popular. Most of my experience stems from 1 to 2 day albacore trips and just about every kind of freshwater fish with the exception of salmon/steelhead. Fishing the surf/jetty fishing is still pretty new to me. I have had great success on the jetty but struggled with the surf.
  6. What length rod works well for surf fishing here in the Pacific Northwest. I went out once and 3 ounces was getting swept by the current like crazy. How far out do you normally have to cast to get to the fish?
  7. Appreciate the replies guys!
  8. I’m out in Tillamook so Rockaway isn’t too far. I fish the Barview jetty but haven’t done too much surf. I would like to try my hand at the surf though. What kinda of setup and weight work well?
  9. Yeah unfortunately we have no good tackle shops around where I live. I may call around out of the area to see if there are any other places. I appreciate the help guys. This will be used strictly jetty with maybe some surf until I decide if I want to buy a larger surf setup. As far as anything outside of the bay I have too many setups as it is. Moving to Oregon has changed much of the type of fishing I do. The Diawa bg spec wise looks like a great fit. My only worry is I have read about the bearings not being completely sealed as opposed to penn. Any thoughts? I Don’t want to spend much over 200 for the setup as climbing the rocks takes a toll on gear.
  10. Thanks. I has looked at both reel sizes but without having one to test figured I would ask you guys.
  11. I am looking to purchase an Okuma Rockaway RA-S-902M for jetty fishing. It has a line rating of 10-17lb and a lure rating of 1/2-1 1/2oz. I am wanting to pair this up with either a Daiwa BG or a Penn Battle II. I know the Diawa runs a little big but I don’t have a way to test the setup before ordering. No stores near me. Wanted you guys opinion on what size reel would fit the rod best. I normally throw pretty light stuff 3/8-1/2 oz with the occasional 1 1/2-2oz dropper setup. I will probably try to run braid if possible. Just wanted any suggestions. Thanks.